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Gracious Anthracite @anthracite

Yay that's another hour on Parallax. Taking a break from the Escher Spread was a good idea, even if I ended up playing with some similar visual tricks - it's starting to look like "black and white hatching" is going to be part of this comic's shorthand for Weird Non-Euclidian Architecture That Is Hard To Look At.

Also I discovered that a while back Time Sink added the capability to put a *filter* on the names of windows, which means that (after figuring out an appropriate regex) I can get a more detailed report of what I've been doing that doesn't think "filename @ 100% (CMYK/Preview)" and "filename* @ 240.35% (CMYK/Outline)" are separate documents. This will make figuring out what I've been doing in a day a LOT easier.