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Hello, giant hole where I had a ceiling.

Definitely glad we can afford a few hotel nights. This would be super depressing.

Gracious Anthracite @anthracite

Hello bubbling vat of dragon soup. This is definitely a lot better than staring at the unusable bathroom and worrying about where I’m going to serve my body’s excretory needs.

(Not in the tub, either, of course! There’s a perfectly good toilet pretty close. With an inexplicable porthole on the door.)

Also many thanks to everyone for your well wishes on these little snippets of today’s minor crisis. ♥️❤️💜

@anthracite Roundel!! o.O

TARDIS pocket dimension toilet!

TARDIS toilet.


I feel SO MUCH BETTER after lounging in a hot jacuzzi for an hour and a half. Now to go downtown and chill in a cafe and draw comics.

Hello, tub full of a plumber’s WIP.

I went home to grab a couple minor things and see how it was going. The ceiling is still open; the plumber was there, and says it MIGHT be done by tonight but I’m not gonna make any plans. Plus the ceiling is gonna need to be closed up and I think that’s a different contractor; me and @zebratron2084 are booked at the hotel until Saturday morning and that feels about right. Still really glad I could afford that.

While I was out I got some nail polish because seeing plain toenails in this jacuzzi just felt WRONG somehow.

Managed to get some progress on Parallax too so yay. Might do more after this tub break.

@anthracite that is an excellent reason to obtain nail polish

@anthracite As in: "Oh, door's locked... hmmmm. May be occupied, let's testify!"