I just watched "John Wick". Damn that is a beautifully-made movie. Narratively it felt like watching a really thought-through no-glitch TAS of a FPS and I was completely fine with that.

@anthracite That's honestly the best way to describe it. The sequel's admittedly the same formula, but they've refined it even further by that point - it's highly enjoyable for all the same reasons as the first, but they also tweaked the "mechanics" slightly to change things up and make them more interesting.


I kinda want to see a fan edit that shows us John's combo meter for the entire Red Circle sequence. :)

@anthracite Aaand now I'm imagining the entire series reshot as machinama in a River City Ransom clone. Thanks‽


I haven't seen it, and I'm curious about what makes it TAS-like

is he just that precise?


Precise, studied, and perfect. Balletic, almost.

Eventually mistakes start being made but his gun-ballet in the first act is extremely well done.

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