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Gracious Anthracite @anthracite

Sudden thought: if I end up moving back to New Orleans next year, I should take my portfolio around the various local companies that make Mardi Gras floats and throws.

"What's your job?" "I make Mardi Gras happen."


Suspicion that this is a long play for anthracite dubloons


I have actually looked into custom doubloons in the past! They ain't cheap. But if I ended up with connections that let me do a small run for less, HELL YEAH.

Awrite, fuck it, I just found the 'careers' section on Blaine Kern Studios' site (they're one of the two major float-building companies in NOLA) and sent them a resume and a chatty cover letter. I'm not expecting anything to happen what with them mostly being sculptors but you never know.