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Gracious Anthracite @anthracite

We might be back?

I’ll be taking the site down again in a bit; I moved all the images to a new drive and wanna make sure they’ll actually go to the right place and persist across a reboot before I say we’re back.

@anthracite you're catching up REAL slow, I just got this over here, but it looks like you're solidly back!


I think my sidekiq is gonna be working pretty hard for a while here :)


Thank you! It’s an old piece that I grabbed because it was the first non-obscene thing that came to hand. 😅


Well, it's one I hadn't seen before so I'm really glad to see it. It's darn good. :3

I need to set a note to myself to go on a bit of a looksee through your galleries, see if there's anything else really good in there I've somehow missed (can guarantee there is)