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Gracious Anthracite @anthracite

Exapunk's credit card validation algorithm was the perfect thing to distract me on the flights home. I got it to the point where it worked on the first six test cases, then found the off-by-one bug after getting home. Clearly there is some major optimization to be done but right now I'm happy to just have this GIANT PILE OF CREDIT CARDZ and wonder if anyone noticed me flipping to the pages of my virtual hacker zine to the pages about HOW 2 V4LIDAT3 CARDZ.

The subsequent dialogue made me snicker and say "hi fravia+".

@anthracite This network comes pretty far into Exapunks and at this point I'd pretty much abandoned code-optimization in favor of "just bang something out that passes all the test cases, tell yourself you'll optimize it later, and then don't."

I am tickled by the mental image of flipping through issues of Trash World News in a public setting, also. :3


On a PLANE yet. And typing all this code into a Movie Hacker Interface. *snicker*