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Well this set of pattern fills isn't going to be eye-aching to work with in the slightest. Nosirree.

These rectangles are all perfectly horizontal; any curving you see is caused by bugs in your visual cortex.

I am really glad I know ways to use nice solid placeholder gradients instead of trying to draw with this directly.

Gracious Anthracite @anthracite

It has been Made Safe.


This is my reference key so I can remember which colors are going which way. When I want to see the evolving illustration in its FULL HIDEOUS GLORY I just have to alt-drag the B&W versions of the styles over the corresponding flat-color versions, one by one, and I will briefly sear my eyeballs.

The area I'm drawing is *not* hospitable to the main characters, and I want you to feel just as alienated and out-of-place as they do.