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Gracious Anthracite @anthracite

Holy shit I just saw a hummingbird hovering around my bird feeder. It was not interested in it due to the lack of sugar water but that was really not a thing I expected to ever see in the middle of the goddamn city, especially around *fall*.

Guess I get to decide if I want to put out a feeder for them now.

@anthracite they are all over here and only one species migrates! If you hear a loud squeaky noise like someone opening and closing a door with a crappy hinge over and over, that’s a hummingbird singing its heart out.

@anthracite yah, hummingbirds are year-round in this area, mostly due to people putting out feeders and having year-round flowers. ;) it's a definite cause/effect spiral--hummingbirds don't migrate (or hibernate! some do that!) in urban areas, because it's warmer and people notice the hummingbirds and put out feeders (and sometimes warmers), so the birds don't migrate...

that said, I really need to clean out my feeder and keep it stocked this fall/winter. XD


Oh thanks, I was thinking I should research that before putting one out for birds that were about to migrate or something!