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Gracious Anthracite @anthracite

New Orbital album!

Initial thoughts: yep, it's another Orbital album. I'm halfway through (not counting the bonus tracks) and there are really no surprises.

But I still like Orbital and maybe if you like repetitive, slightly goofy electronic music then you'll like it too.

@anthracite it’s a very pure Orbital sound. I like it more than their past few.

@anthracite like, it’s a restricted pallets of sounds that leans on the inorganic and slightly tinny, and that lets them play some of their strengths?

@anthracite (so far P.H.U.K. Is the standout, which it was before the full album was out, but maybe a few listens will change that.)

@arthurwyatt and then the inevitable Science/Philosophy Rant Over Music.

@anthracite that’s kind of the duffer of the lot this time. (The one with Exclestone from Blue Album still the best variant on that)

@arthurwyatt I kinda like how much of a TOTAL PERSPECTIVE VORTEX moment it is, myself! Kinda wish there were a few seconds of silence at the end before it launches into the bouncy PETROL-feels of Kaiju though...

@arthurwyatt i am also listening to it for the first time right now as i type this so

@anthracite am still listens through, yeah. I was thinking of The Raudvwhich goes into P.H.U.K.

@anthracite looks like Kaiju is the inartfully added bonus track following carefully crafted album end... another tradition.

@anthracite “enjoyed this colossal and sweeping closing track? Here’s a cover of the theme from The Saint.”

@arthurwyatt Fond memories of how In Sides came on two physical discs with all the bonus material safely cordoned off.

@anthracite sometimes I am in the mood for 9 different versions of SATAN back to back, and sometimes I am not.

@anthracite I think I might like Fun With the System a lot too. It’s got a nice up-and-downy quality to it that I like.