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Gracious Anthracite @anthracite

Dear Internet: is it okay for me to not care about the latest installments of Nintendo franchises, or do I have to hand in my Nerd Card for this sin?

@anthracite It's probably fine, I'm not really excited by anything I've heard about either.

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@anthracite Capitalism demands a sacrifice of your interest and social capital to sustain itself.

Consume, Purchase, Buy

@anthracite If you have to turn in your nerd card to not care about it, then so do I.

@anthracite I'm pretty sure that the 🐉 DRAGON CARD🐉 is better and more valuable anyhow. 💕

@anthracite Absolutely not at all. We all have our individual zones of interest to enjoy, but we can revel in the shared ones even more.

@anthracite if nintendo's not announcing switch ports of all sega's old shitty 3D sonic games i'm not interested

@anthracite the whole contemporary idea that being a nerd means you have to care about popular things that have been labelled as Nerd Things is so incredibly backwards

@anthracite their behaviour towards emulator sites kind of makes me indifferent. They obviously don't care about nerds or culture, so why should I invest brainpower?

If you try to care about *anything* in order to fit in with what everyone else likes, your Nerd Card actually gets suspended in the database.

@anthracite you definitely don’t have to! I’m not excited for most new installments. Bemused interest at best.
I AM hype for a new Animal Crossing, but that’s mostly because it’s on a console I might actually use and not just misplace for years.

@anthracite do you really want that card? It mostly seems to get used for stalking people over mediocre starwars movies recently.

@anthracite I can't afford video games anyway so I can't care too much *shrug*

@anthracite I'm right there with you. "oh... I guess there was a... Nintendo thing? idk"