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@anthracite Eustace was such a drip! :} gets turned into a dragon and cries about it! he can even fly! I can't even fly

@kel @anthracite Well, he did have a chronic pain in one arm, which is a drawback. And his companions were jerks who weren't going to build him a dragon-deck for the ship, so he'd be stuck.

Poor planning. Always put the magic armband in a place where you can remove it easily & it won't pinch in dragon form.

@Archbeth @kel good point! It's been a good while since I last tried to read Narnia, I think it was when I was, like, twelve or so? More than half my life at this point.

@Archbeth @anthracite hm, I was...*counts on xer talons* about negative twenty! :}

@kel @Archbeth @anthracite (that translates into, "we read Narnia in roughly 1995-6, when our human was about 21 to 22"

@kara @Archbeth @kel I read it when I was like six, in the mid-seventies. Loved it. Tried coming back to it in the early eighties and just couldn't unsee all the Christian Metaphor woven through it, felt betrayed. Think I got as far as the one that's full of "Calormen" and was all "holy crap this is super racist", and just put it all down, never to return.

Closest I've come to reading them since is reading Grossman's "Magicians" trilogy, which sure does speak to the experience of loving Narnia as a kid and finding it really lacking as an adult.

@kel @Archbeth @anthracite that was one advantage of reading Narnia in adulthood: I was already wary

all the same, I did not take Narnia to heart, except maybe for the horses and "The Silver Chair", and other bits here and there. Lewis still has value to me but Narnia was never high on my list

@anthracite @kel @kara I forget how old I was when I read it, but I re-read & "wait, the lion appears as a lamb... that's...Christian allegory"

And then I was a little older & the books didn't have all the rich details I'd remembered (Silver Chair, in particular), & well.

I plunder for good tropes & memes now. Oh, well.

@Archbeth @kara @anthracite there are some shinies in Narnia! :} like Dionysos showing up

@kel @anthracite @Archbeth and the "farther up and further in" chapters are, I think, actually a quite reasonable attempt to portray what heaven might be like...but the frame around this picture is...not so great

@kara @kel @anthracite I am a weirdo & liked the last book, except for the Susan issue. >_>

Not a tame lion. And what you do matters more than in whose name you do it.

Oh hey and I totally looted the "further in" imagery for a TOTALLY different function in that fanfic... 😂

@Archbeth @anthracite @kara I think there's shiny stuff in "The Last Battle"'s kinda Islamophobic :{

@kel @kara @anthracite It totally is. I didn't get any of it as a kid, but I really don't want to see what the Suck Fairy hath wrought. (I *liked* the bird-god! He removed the bad guy. Like a predator of child-style justice!)

…I mentioned I was weird, right?

@anthracite @Archbeth oh good point :} when turning into a dragon, try to have more supportive friends!

@001zlnv I think I am proposing "Eustace" as a slur for "human tf'd into dragon".

@anthracite only the ones who aren't being cool about having hit the dragon lottery

@anthracite eustace has been stuck at that for what 30 years?

@001zlnv They KEEP GETTING TURNED BACK. After a point one begins to wonder if they only pretend to be interested in turning back to humans because it gives them an excuse to travel.

@anthracite turned back!? what did they screw up and get kicked out of dragoning? why would they want that