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Gracious Anthracite @anthracite

1. Clean skillet to cook some eggs in.
2. Realize there is no olive oil.
3. Go to store for olive oil.
4. Halfway to the store, realize I’m outside in nothing but a slip, a light but long coat, and a hat.
5. Button up coat, insofar as this is possible when my coat only buttons down half my thorax. Go to store, counting on the sheer stylish power of my coat.
6. Receive compliments on hat on the way home anyway.

And now I have cooked some duck eggs, and am happily burning my mouth due to their heat and the high amounts of hot sauce. Yay!

@anthracite The diversity of methods dragon species use to maintain fire breath is truly astounding. Perhaps dragons are not a coherent biological clade and instead dragon-like features have evolved multiple independent times in different reptile families.