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Gracious Anthracite @anthracite

I wonder if anyone has experimented with making a laptop that lets you turn off its backlight and use sunlight falling on its lid instead. Doing it without having the entire lid be transparent might be a problem?

I just continue to yearn for something I can work with under sunlight. Still waiting for e-ink to become usable, too. I think the research funding for that has pretty much vanished though.

@fluffy ah yes, the grand aspirations of the XO1...

@anthracite I actually had one for a while. It was a fun little machine, although only useful for the purpose of working on the OLPC project and not as a durable outdoor-friendly netbook like I was hoping for.

But the screen was switchable between backlit and reflective, and that was pretty neat. :)

@fluffy @anthracite For a little while the company that made screens for XO1s also sold 10.1" replacement screens for netbooks with the same tech. It's a pity they (Pixel Qi) didn't stay in business.

There are still some military laptops with transflective screens (toughbooks and the like) floating around, but lugging one of those things is A Choice.

@anthracite don't know about laptops, bit in the days before affordable DLP projectors there was a line of lcd panels meant to be placed on top of an overhead projector. They worked. So should be doable.