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Gracious Anthracite @anthracite

Okay it looks like I’m basically done with social media until Wednesday, because so much of it has devolved into incomprehensible hollering in response to what megacorps are promoting in their E3 conferences. Possibly until next week, I know the show goes until like the end of this one.

This reaction makes me feel incomprehensibly old. I remember when scoring a pass to E3 was Really Exciting. Now it’s just “oh great more interminable epics full of ultraviolence and gritty manslabs and micropayments, also another mario or something”.

I should have some breakfast.

@green @anthracite yarn boat 2 ship of the darned!

(Really, unraveled 2)

@anthracite for me, E3 has always been Just Another Event I Don't Pay Attention To, like the Superb Owl or Father's Day. :P I don't have the context to know if it's changed over the years, for better or worse...

@anthracite basically where i am with it. I have it on in the background just because it is live but I have to mute it frequently, even when it’s a restream that’s diluted by commentators

@anthracite I'm so glad I'm not a gamer, by whatever that means these days. Hell, I still play (heavily modded) Skyrim sometimes, and the occasional weird indie game. I'm /relieved/ to not give a shit. Not giving a shit is an active positive in my life.

@anthracite If I ever bother to play another one of these epics, I hope I remember to name my character "Gritty Manslab".