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Gracious Anthracite @anthracite

And we are back up. Sorry for the downtime, y'all.

We ran completely out of disc space and things ground to a halt. After a lot of swearing I was able to free up enough space to run the command that clears out the local cache of media from other instances, and, well... that sure was a lot of space, wasn't it?

I created a bogus file that does nothing but waste about as much space as I had to clear out before I could get this running.

I think I also definitely need to get that "delete old stuff cached from remote instances" task running regularly.

Aaand there we go, one cron job to do the "clean up remote attachments cache" created and tested.

And while I was at it I told Digital Ocean to send me email if the disc usage ever goes above 70% for one day, because when that happens it is definitely time to start looking into getting more space for this instance.

@anthracite In my experience (tho not with masto), ephemeral caches tend to be neither. Still, holy wow, that was a fair amount! :blobastonished:

Yayness for success and experience gain! :blobcheer: