A friend is muttering about her place being beset by Demons. What do I do?

I give her a couple of beginning magical texts that I found helpful, and some advice on how to construct some kind of warding ritual by cobbling ideas together from the internet. Or just steal one she likes but think hard about who she's asking to help before committing to that...

ps: I wasn't actually asking for advice on this, more just being bemused that my reaction was to pass off some Useful But Confusing Texts. n.n

woo / demon cleanup 

woo / demon cleanup 

@anthracite Ahaha, sorry! Didn't mean to give unwanted advice. ^^; I was just like "oh! I know how to do this thing!"

@mysidia oh, no worries, you're not the only one who mis-read my ambiguous-in-hindsight comment!

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