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@anthracite ohh i feel this So Much!!

also it keeps reinstalling itunes alongside security updates, even though i rm -r the itunes app bundle & .plists, and use the softwareupdate command line tools to remove itunes from the list of updateable apps >.>

it stops itunes from showing up as *its own* update, but it keeps sneaking in with operating system ones. i imagine the same would happen if i wanted to remove something like photos but i've not tried

@anthracite I believe it does what you want when you just click on the body of the notification, instead of one of the action buttons.

Yeah, super not intuitive tho.

@vy_let Seriously? I never would have guessed. Thanks!

@anthracite yeah, the poor notification tends to sit on my screen for weeks to the point of becoming a big black square because I often lack the time to really peruse what it entails

Always did find it refreshing that it’s easy to keep osx from forcefully updating things on me at least [stares nervously at my win10 laptop amidst the latest update fiascos]