*sits in a cafe for an hour doing some Parallax design work*

*posts some process notes about it to Patreon*

@DigitalLucy Yep! It was even paying a lot of my rent for a while when I was cranking out Rita pages at speed; it's been pretty dormant since that ended. But now that Parallax is getting going, I'm starting to get back in that groove.

Clearly I need to mention its existence more often. :)

@anthracite Promote the /fuck/ out of it and stuff all that mattress cash to get ye down south.

@DigitalLucy EXACTLY. Once it's grown to where it can pay most of a rent, I am OUT of here. Or maybe earlier if something else pops up - gotta work some of those animation contacts, maybe pick up some freelance storyboarding gigs or something for a while.

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