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Gracious Anthracite @anthracite

EmuVR. For when you want to emulate not only an old video game console, but your teenage bedroom in the 1980s along with it. Well, someone else's teenage bedroom that you could modify some if you really wanted to put in the effort.

Be sure to check out the video demonstrating its meticulous emulation of the experience of *plugging your consoles into televisions*.

@anthracite I unironically love this. It's so obviously a genuine labour of love

@behemoff yeah, I don't think I ever WANT to play with it but I am glad it exists.

@anthracite suddenly i understand why ready player one was popular

@chr yeah it’s basically targeting the exact same place in my generation’s brains...

@anthracite so My Summer Car for people who didn't grow up in Finland.

@anthracite reminds me of how the music program Reason requires you to hook up every sound console you add via a digital wire UI... and that's the main reason I can't use it very well.

@Coxy I've always thought that looked really charming in photos and videos! But I sure don't simulate a single bit of physical process when I'm in Illustrator...

@anthracite ok but does it emulate that late 2000's era panic of realizing your new TV doesn't have the old recognizable white/red/yellow plugins do these work in these ports here