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I can see a lot of cool what-ifs in this, but also a bad, worrying what-if. Show more

(the tipping toots thing) Show more

@mysidia @anthracite that’s a really valid concern! Som early morning sleepy thoughts:
One possible solution is through UX, making sure the buttons feel like they’re linked to the user instead of to the content of the post.
Phrasing is probably also very important: Obviously the enabled platforms already imply donation rather than payment-for-product but im sure a good UX designer could come with an elegant solution for this.

@mysidia @anthracite (continued) Should definitely be able to turn it off globally. Maybe even exclusively opt-in.

Main goal is to make it easier for valuable content creators to get rewarded.

@anthracite @LoMakesComics ... unsure... I mean, I can see a very valid point to it for artist-centric instances... but I also see scam and unscrupulous ad-routing potential...

omg that would get so annoying, and I'd feel bad all the time that I couldn't donate

That's the opposite of how I want to feel on Masto

@anthracite @LoMakesComics If anybody can find a use for this, I’d think it would be And if there are inherent problems, I feel like they’ll know that immediately too.