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Gracious Anthracite @anthracite

“Hey Mike, I cast a caricature of you as one of Corum’s companions, then used your last name as the sound effect when his demon hand kills you with a Three Stooges eye-poke. Hope you don’t mind.” -Mike Mignola

@anthracite I kinda think someone who signs drawings of cavemen "Plog!," quit UPS/narrowly avoided CHP because it was another uniform, and who's claimed Santa Claus is real, would be perfectly okay with that sort of thing.

@anthracite Mike Mignola’s Corum got me into both comics and Moorcock

@rickward that’s a hell of a start! I think my first comics were random seventies Supermans and whatnot, though I didn’t start giving a real fuck about the medium until the 80s B&W boom.

@anthracite yeah superdudes weren’t my style, the first superhero comic I got into was Watchmen, which I picked up because it was shelved next to Moorcock’s novels in my hometown library and I’d already mowed through all those

@anthracite I picked up that Corum book through a dollar-store “3 comic books for $1” envelope. So for a buck I got issues of Shatter, Corum and Team Yankee. I don’t recall what year this was, maybe 91-92?