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Gracious Anthracite @anthracite

Talking with Nick about Parallax scripts and timelines suddenly turned into a fuckton of notecards with plot points scrawled on them. Wish there was actual floor space in the apartment to really do this right now, everything is full of disassembled kitchen.

I begin to see why animators traditionally pinned their storyboards up on walls as they wrote them.

@anthracite yay notecards! theoretically you can do the same kind of thing on Scrivener or in files or whatever, but I've found that nothing works as well as physical bits of paper. *nods*

@green it's just so much faster to arrange them, move them, revise them, and to DISCUSS them. They are now all taped up on a wall next to Nick's take on the same sequence of events, which pretty much exactly lined up with mine.

Next time we do two overlapping stories we are doing this from DAY ONE.