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Agris Viridi

RFC 8555 7.6. Certificate Revocation

reason (optional, int): One of the revocation reasonCodes defined in Section 5.3.1 of [RFC5280] to be used when generating OCSP responses and CRLs.

I'm going to hard code "2" for shitz & giggles.

@test testing to make sure federation wasn't censored. 123abc

Anybody: "Oh no, #Facebook and #Whatsapp are down, how can i live now?"

Me, an intellectual who's just on the #Fediverse and use #XMPP:

Yeah Intel has exclusive features, such as allowing an attacker to access kernel space undetected because they apparently only cared about speed and not security for the past decade.

If your ISP provides slow or shitty recursive , you should just do your own recursive DNS resolution with software like . Don't sell out your own data to Cloudflare or Google. They record that shit and store it.

Experimenting with running a instance on with OpenBSD's own webserver, . I'm impressed.

$ curl
$ mixxx

I decided my instance's 502 Bad Gateway error page needed an illustration .

Still one of my favorite versions of this meme

[commission]かっこいいキャラクターイラスト描かせて頂きました。楽しかった!( Skeb非公開イラストですが掲載許可をもらいました)


Is it just me or just Mastrodon interaction seem very.... impersonal. Maybe I'm not using it wrong, but When I post something, I don't feel like I'm sharing something with friends, rather just shouting something into the void and sometimes getting a few replies from random strangers.

It just seems weird to me.

Flashy af

The world is a shitpost at this point

This is how you make 100% sure that only the intended recipient of a share sees its content: ONLY with #nextcloud and Video Verification!

See how it works in this video!

For people making *nix graphical utilties out there, Please don't make it gtk3-only. At least provide a build-time option for gtk2. Gtk2 is stable and mature.

Has anyone tried out that new plugin that adds integreation in? It said it was ALPHA quality, but It would be extremely interesting ounce it's stable. I great place to post my videos since I'd rather not have to run nodejs serverside to post videos.