Curious about something, so here's a poll on sleep. How's your sleep schedule been lately? Boosts encouraged for maximum visibility.

I, uh, do realize it biases the results if I post this at 4:00 in the morning.
(But when else would it be on my mind, eh?)


I voted “unusual but healthy” as the closest option to “it’s been taking forever to get to sleep a lot of nights but I usually feel rested when I finally get up”. Not having to clock into a day job at any particular time does help that a lot of course.

@aearo the holidays have destroyed whatever semblance of a routine I had in 2019 ❤

@aearo I've picked "unusual" because I've been on holiday and hence gone to bed a good two hours later (and woken up later as well).

@aearo Currently I'm on holiday and sleep like 2:00 to 11:00, but on work days I'd consider myself to have a pretty normal sleep routine, though I tend to go to bed too late, considering I have to leave at 6:15 (5:15 on vocational school days, even).

@aearo I've been utterly desynced from the day-night schedule for weeks now, but I've also been actually getting enough sleep, which is unusual.

@aearo ...I feel like a case could be made for having worded the first option "Normal, but healthy", given what I've heard about the prevalence of social jet lag.

(My sleep schedule probably qualifies as such either way.)


Ha, that's fair!
Or I should've had a "Normal + unhealthy" option as well, maybe.

@aearo I mean, I'm sure you get the same information either way - maybe a trifle more if you split up unhealthy sleep schedules into normal and unusual.

@aearo due to work holiday mine is unusual but healthy, however this is a contast to most of the time it is usual (reliable, predictable) and semi-healthy.

@aearo I chose "Normal and healthy" because there isn't an option for "normal and unhealthy." :P I guess that could have been covered by "terrible" but that seems to be for "unusual and unhealthy"...


Yeah, in retrospect, I maybe should've included that... but "terrible" is fine for any kind of unhealthy. I think I'm more interested in healthiness than in normalness here.

@aearo on a normal night I fall asleep between 10:00 and 11:00, and wake up between 5:00 and 6:00. If there is a disruption my body will bounce back to what it prefers very quickly. It’s very predictable and regular and I rarely have trouble sleeping.


@aearo But that's because I am not visiting #36c3 to sleep much in that time.

@aearo as soon as I go back to uni this is going to go from healthy to terrible real quick lol

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