Sometimes you just gotta make your terminal able to fill with bread on command, y'know?

After an unfortunate typo in a religious text, a section of the afterlife becomes overrun with strange puffin-like creatures.

Welcome to porgatory.

sfw furry art, dragon lady 

Sperry echoed

I love 4X games:

eXpand some more

Showing up to join a monastery wearing a pastel gradient robe with floral accents, only to be told that, no, they’re *ascetic* monks.

I really want to like grand-scale, 4X-style games, but that model inevitably just gets more unpalatable as you move down the list.

• Explore: Yeah, right on, that’s good.
• Expand: I mean, sure, I guess.
• Exploit: Uhh, is this my only option? Maybe w—
• Exterminate: okay seriously what the fuck, man.

furry art 

furry art 

disability rant (-) 

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Money, vet bills help 

What if, instead of fans and such, computers managed heat by sweating.

Gotta keep a towel nearby to mop off your laptop whenever it gets warm. You'd have gaming computer parts manufacturers competing for who can boast the moistest cases, sold with strangely angular, LED-studded sweat rags.

dental surgery 

So I was on a fall family vacation up north last week, and I put together a little photo album if anyone wants to see some pretty trees and such:

The Great British Baking Show, or, Prove Fast and Bake Things

…Having the bizarre realization that those memes that put labels over things in a stock photo or other image have essentially re-invented the political cartoon by accident.

Does anyone know any furry artists open for quick seasonal commissions currently? I have a rather silly/stupid idea for a Halloween pic I wanted to get done.

If a dog practices free-running on and around city buildings, would that be barkour.

My favorite thing about the new Assassin’s Creed game is just how many of the reviews and articles about it take the time to dunk on Socrates and Herodotus.

Soup of Theseus: when you only use 3/4 of a can of soup, so you add a new can to it the next time, and keep doing that each time you fix a new batch of soup until you have a soup comprised entirely of replacement soups after.

Misread a “register to vote” post as “register to vore”, so I think I might be Too Online this week.

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