synth kobold with a gamecube style carrying handle on their back

synth kobold with barcodes on their cheeks so it looks like theyre always blushin

make sure you carry your synthbold around when you go out so you can streetpass with others

this started out as a jokepost but i kinda love them

@Zest yep those blushy barcodes are very good 10/10 Dragon approved

@Zest they just say who you've passed out loud

"LOOKS LIKE THAT GUY PLAYS REALLY EMBARASSING VISUAL NOVELS" and a guy across the street tries to look like it isn't him

@Zest Some of the best characters do seem to start out as a joke that is just too good to not keep around :D

@Zest also this reminded me that Superman carries Batman like this in some comics. He’s got a harness.

@Zest This almost makes me think of this as just, like, zestbold in a suit. That's their carrying case.

@Kyoji ehe this isn't me, just a character I think, but I'll still take those pets :>

@Zest i know the character isn't you

but i still wanna pet u

and i will!


@Zest oh my god so cute


and perfect handle for yeeting

@Zest I'm sure they enjoy it, they could say hello to the satellites

@Zest I’ve had this synthbold on my timeline for 6 hours and if anything were to happen to them I’d bathe the world in nuclear hellfire.


seriously we love everything about this, such a cute lil friend, we care them a lot.

First of all this is adprable and second of all this has awakened a desire in me (or one of us?) to be carried around like this somehow.

@Zest absolutely precious, would tell them to hold my tea and then compliment profusely so they blush adorably (and warm it up)

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