Starting to wonder if I just missed my pills this morning or something.

Thinkin' about that time I wrote about and were-hadrosaurs in a more or less now-like setting:

(Two links because I was dumb and broke the threading)

🎵 -en put your little hand in mine, there ain't no hill or mountain we can't climb 🎵

I'm curious.

How many of the people who see this have had COVID?

Feel free to boost this. It would be nice to get a big sample.

#tf, riding mount, chocobo, you 

Chocobo-themed riding helmet, merging onto your head; beak pushing its way out, spreading feathers, longer neck and legs and broader wings, bigger and bigger, saddled and bridled and-- wark! Kweh! 💛💛 #tf #chocobo

The petition to remove #LGBT content from the uk curriculum now has 190,671 signatures, sigh. It only needed 100k to force a debate in parliament, so that will be scheduled by #Uk Gov.

The counter petition is rapidly gaining ground, being newer. It now has 33,030 signatures, but we need more!

Pls sign if uk, boost otherwise! 👇

Link to official petition to UK Gov & Parliament: Do not remove LGBT content from the Relationships Education curriculum

#LGBTQ #TransRights

hrt that makes u grow a snout and tail

Self-proclaimed visionaries always be like "self-driving cars" and "vibrating microwaves" but nobody's ever like "you should be able to have a freaking lizard tail is you want to"

take me down to parallax city where the back moves slow and the front moves quickly

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From staring into an active volcano with binoculars to staring into the clearest sky with the telescope, today has been all about lenses and fires.

Fires of the Earth, Fires of the Sky

Memo to myself - take the damn lactose pills whenever eating anything with cheese or dairy in it.

I was put on this planet to shitpost and eat fish, and I just ate a fish.

I have determined that divinity can be touched in the act of eating delicious fishes.

@Doephin: "I think if this road were a foot wider I would be a lot more comfortable driving it."
40 feet ahead, sign says "Road narrows"
Doephin: "Now you're just trolling me!"

"Angels say that they don't lie. They don't say that they can't lie."

me: working from home gives me the opportunity to focus on tasks free from the the distractions of a noisy office!









me: cool never mind

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