Alternating between accounts with similar profile pic is... dangerous...

Sorry for multiple notifications for persons concerned :dragnsad:

Hope y'all are doing well, sorry to not be as active as I used to be :dragnheart:

Kinky shitpost 

Doming in a subby way
It means having one or more subs and asserting dominance by making them eat self-made sandwiches

Hope y'all are having a great day, and a nice week-end :dragnheart:

That feel when you're handling just as many tasks as you can while not stalling some and maintaining just enough attention so that all of them are done properly :dragnmelt:

Not important, swear 

Why are nails so hard to maintain and so easy to fuck-up... :dragnsad:

Would it be easier with claws? :dragnsarc:

Good night everyall, only one day before the week-end! :dragnheart:

Good heavens, it's so hot here :dragnsweats:

Stay hydrated, drink some water before going to sleep and take a bottle of water next to your bed, you might need it...

Good night y'all :dragnheart:

Yeah, good night y'all, and good luck for this week :dragnhappy:

Tomorrow's the hottest day, we're gonna bunkerize our home :dragn_sweats:

Hydrate yourself quite often, don't go out while the sun is here, and even after if possible

Good luck everyone :dragnheart:

Il va faire chaud, pensez à bien vous hydrater :dragnheart:

Don't forget to drink water, it's hot out there!

And it's even hotter with all the cuties I can see on my TL :dragn_owo:

This is really dangerous for me that my sick brain gives me shots of dopamine when I tidy/organize/clean things...

I spent the whole day cleaning my mails, my discord server list, my windows computer... and I forgot to work today :dragnsweats:

This week will be heavy on social interactions, anxiety sources & problems to solve... I'm afraid, but it's gonna be fine, one way or an other.

Don't worry for me, please focus on your own issues and try to solve them. :blobfoxpleading: If I can help you by any way, don't hesitate to contact me...

Is it a bad take to feel that having a higher autority to give instruction is "conforting"?

Weird mood today

Overanalysing every statement, going from super-happy because someone put a smiley to deep sadness because the answer feels a bit harsh without tone modifiers or emotes...

That dysphoria when removing nail polish because you gotta go back to work :dragnsad:

It was my first pride, and I really liked it :dragnhappy:

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