Is there a fund to support development of open source design software that isn't blender-centric? Blender has support from the corps now, I want to collectively support development on Inkscape, Natron, Krita, OpenToonz, MyPaint, Glimpse. And I need it to be a big pile of users (consumer co-op?) so it can reach development funding scale

@Snapai Krita does employ 4 full time through their combined foundation donations & stream / windows store sales.

There exist non-profits like SPI or the SFC that you would think might fill a role like that but they dont directly hire and pay developers to work on their supported projects.

I keep reading about how awful Adobe is and thinking hey I might be able to donate monthly the equivalent of a creative cloud payment for one of their apps, or maybe one day all of their apps, which couldn't fund a dev on its own but if a bunch of us did it could, but I'd want it to actually do dev work I need - making the apps for various creative mediums feature-complete and still free for those artists.

The reason SFC and SPI don't necessarily fund development directly is because in their operations as 501c3's they aren't allowed to send money to a non 501c3. Most open source projects haven't been set up as nonprofits, or in such a way where funding their development directly could pass an audit.

(Sponsoring a GSoC project for a company probably would, because that goes directly to education, which is under the 501c3 purpose umbrella)


Anyways, this is why I'm thinking a consumer cooperative might make more logistic sense. A group of users organizing to hire who they need. Maybe (and definitely eventually!) a hybrid cooperative with developer and user needs administratively balanced. Wonder if there's anyone on @SocialCoop who could help set that up. @redoak @mattcropp any ideas?

@zanny @SocialCoop @redoak @mattcropp
Definitely seems like OpenCollective would be useful in this case

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