Imo, one of the most damning aspects of capitalism is that it encourages people to have consumptive hobbies over creative ones.

It actively seeks to bar people from doing things like cooking, or writing, or making pottery, or anything else of that nature. Activities in which you are making something

Things like that are made either too expensive (in terms of money, or time, or both) or framed as something not worth wasting time on, because you can't support yourself doing art/writing/etc

@Dayglochainsaw this aligns with something I’ve thought for a long time: consumption based activities inherently breed toxicity (eg gamers) bc when you consume the only thing that sets you apart and gives you social currency is making a demonstration of how narrow your tastes are (anyone can love a lot of things, after all, but your palette is so refined you hate it all). When you create you’re defined by ability rather than tastes, and your ability doesn’t require excluding others.


@Dayglochainsaw @elchapo

Competition, aka "For me to win, you have to lose" also has a lot to do with this. There was a sharp deterioration in, for example, the quality of the Overwatch community the moment they added a competitive mode/league to the game where you had a ranking relative to other players. It only took a week or so for what was an surprisingly nice gaming community to turn into vicious edgelords fighting for prestige.

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