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(for reference, here's the original)

Made an animated remake of one of my favorite Telegram stickers! If you use Telegram, you can try it out at

...actually make that just Picarto, I can't get Restream to stay connected to it and I really want to use Picarto. :P

Alright, I've got AfterEffects, let's see if I can make some animated Telegram stickers, woo!

Come join me anywhere, I'm mostly watching my Picarto chats tho :)
Picarto ( • Youtube ( • Twitch ( • Periscope (

Streaming some 3D rigging work, come hang out!
Picarto ( • Youtube ( • Twitch ( • Periscope (

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Quick navigation guide to posts on Mastodon.

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tifa's just her nickname, her full name is antifa lockheart

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i don't like when auto correct tells me to capitalize twitter or facebook or google

i don't even capitalize god or jesus, i'm certainly not extending that courtesy to fucking brands and businesses

that honor is reserved exclusively for Howard the Duck

Like. Lilo and Stitch flew under the radar of the production committees, planned around pizza and beer at the core team's houses.

Emperor's New Groove was a mad dash to make something entertaining after the budget was blown on a movie that wasn't going to work.

Nevermind all the non-Disney fever dreams out there!

Looking at the animated films I've loved, and the cult classics and the older films...

What we've lost in animation is that animation is kinda a really crazy thing to do.

That should be the intent behind cartoons. "This is a crazy fun thing to do and we don't quite have the resources and we sure as heck won't make the company any profit on it, let's see if we can plow through to the finish line before the money people realize!"

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public transit should be completely free, not only to encourage people to use it, but to avoid punishing the poor for being poor and to take away a common excuse for the police to harass marginalized groups

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It is time for tech workers to realize that we are not elite. We are a labor class, one that is increasingly disenfranchised and marginalized. We come to work, build code or servers to specifications, and then we go home. Companies look to minimize pay and benefits, to prevent workers from organizing, and at the same time instill the promise of the mission so workers will stay loyal.

Nothing we do is magic. Tech work is a skill, like any other. It is a skill that some can't perform. I can't lift heavy shit or mix concrete or design bridges or fly a plane. Some folks can't code or sysadmin. Some folks are better at these skills than others. This is the general human condition, in the context of skills and learning, and no one is better or more elite than anyone else because of their skills or lack thereof.

I have watched companies time and time again refuse to offer mentorship and training because their more skilled workers couldn't be bothered. They stop offering lower-skilled jobs because the more skilled workers refuse to work with people "who can't keep up".

It's just awful and it's a situation that we white men of tech created, encourage, and sustain.
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Woo, made it into the Artist's Alley for Anthrocon.

Dunno if anyone will actually remember me and commission me, but I can sit and draw all con and maybe get some rando commissions so here's hoping!

I still wish Mastodon had a "boost but add CW" option, for when I see toots that I feel like sharing but I don't wanna just spout politics or whatever on others' timelines.

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