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I finally ordered some acoustic foam so now I can 

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- IS complicated
- IS NOT "almost impossibly" complicated
- DOES NOT support searchability that twitter users expect
- SHOULD NOT support the searchability twitter users expect, because that's not the point

nearly everybody who writes about mastodon says "I couldn't find ..."

The tip is, if you want to k ow something, ASK about it instead of being mad there isn't a global search feature because that's really not what masto is about

stream announcement, alliteration 

stream announcements, alliteration 

stream announcement 

Streaming LIVE on Twitch!
Rigging some characters for animation in Blender!
Come hang out!

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Snapai echoed

Try a new tool for getting organized if your current ones aren't working.

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libertarians have a terminal case of suburbs brain. in 2020 we are roasting the everloving fuck out of a 2 car garage with the fridge full of diet pepsi in it

Building characters for 3D work, they're looking good! Tight turn time on this project means I'm having to take a few shortcuts on prepping them for animation, but having worked professionally before, I know that if it makes it work on time at the needed quality, it's not wrong. :)

I will be 40 halfway through this next year, so I'm gon switch to hexadecimal and be 28 instead. That's how old everyone thinks I am when they meet me anyway.

Streaming LIVE on Twitch!
texturing, clothing, and rigging Petal possum
Come hang out!

Another stream tonight, doing the same texture and quickrig for the possm that I did for the squirrel last night! See y'all in under an hour!

I have a much better reason to want to get back into animation or otherwise creating content for a living.

In my current IT job, my job is coverage. It is repair, and triage. It is showing up when things break and being there to fix them when they do....and therefore me or SOMEONE has to be there all the time. Doubly so since this is medical-adjacent.

I used to want to animate for a living because it was my dream and what I went to college for. Now I want it because no harm would be caused by a day off.

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Most humans can (learn to) do most things, and qualifications are largely a lie

Streaming LIVE on Twitch!
UV mapping, texturing, and rigging for possum and squirrel!
Come hang out!

Just ordered a new driver's side taillight for my car.

Nice that I can replace it, though I'm a bit annoyed that the solution to "accidentally cracked the outermost lens" is "throw away a hundred dollar chunk of plastic and buy an entire new one" tho.

Gimme a car where I can just 3D print all the custom plastic bits. (also a 3D printer and plastic recycler)

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"There’s not very much evidence that any of the intentional minor variations in what you do as a #parent make much difference in how children turn out in the long run. What ends up happening is #parents are so preoccupied with this hopeless task of shaping their #children to come out a particular way that their relationships with children at the moment become clouded over with guilt and anxiety and worry..." #parenting

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