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I did some math a while back, and the amount of carbon capture that needs to be done came up to something like....planting 1/4 of the surface area of a state like NC with empress trees where there were no trees before? A lot of land but not compared to all the landmass in the world?

The empress tree is apparently considered invasive in a lot of US states, like that's a bad thing, even tho all it really means is "this tree will capture the SHIT out of some carbon if given half a chance" (about 10x/acre that of other trees, and it's apparently even a good wood products tree!)

Social media has, paradoxically, made me very hesitant to post anything on it.

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doing hot* girl** shit

** administrator

Citrapop shot 24 is FINAL!
Made in OpenToonz

To see it in context with the full reel, see the

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tipping my hat at the longest-lived biblical patriarch 

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pico de gallo is 1×10^(-12) gallo

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getting tattooed with portraits of 90s daytime TV hosts to remind myself that nobody is free from drama 

And here are the two bards from our party.

Context: they were just stopped, walking down a cold and lonely road, by a shiny demon, who demanded they "Play the best song in the world, or I'll eat your souls" - and they both said "....ok" (Tenacious D - Tribute)

lil doodle of my draconblood scribe scout, Antir.
Dragon hide upgrade, cloak of protection, his pack straps over the base of his tail. Might not steal your cash, but he DEFINITELY needs to "borrow" that book...

I don't know why but the FIRST thing that came to mind when I decided his background was as a scribe/apprentice/student in a library, was that scholar's hat that fits over his horns, as part of some kinda' traditional dress.

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first draft of an exceptionally snarky history of the Golden Dawn, mostly written from memory with some help from Wikipedia

I dunno, I just love that as a cartoon character, Stella can speak in footnotes.

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Oh yeah, and here's Donatello in a custom-painted Pedicar. Because... well, he'd be into one of these, wouldn't he?

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How come they never made a game called Wrestlevania?

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The revolution will be illustrated 

The revolution will be illustrated 

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