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For most of my life, when I found something like this, I assumed that it was an Anomaly.

I would think to myself: Surely no other organization has flaws this fundamental being papered over by human labor.

But I spent the last five years jumping from Fundamental Flaw to Fundamental Flaw at a 20+ Billion dollar company, filling gaps like this while "automation" was built.

In *every* case, the automation solves ~95 or so percent of the problem, and leaves a rare but possible set of circumstances that will require a human to clean up.

In most cases so far, the only humans with the experience to clean things up have left, have been pushed out, or will leave soon.

And things will bubble up. And things will break. And 10+ engineers will have to waste 3 - 5 days investigating the problem, because every corporation is built on the backs of the knowledge of employees they do not value.

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Art for Tara's flashback/dream from my Witchlight campaign. Handouts of Damh (korred archfey) and Milil (Faerunian Lord of Song), the map of a woodland party setting where all sorts of magical creatures were celebrating, and the token for a young faun that Tara met there when she was a kid.
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What Scientific American had to say about homework in 1860

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✨ Post editing in @pixelfed

I'm finished the UI/UX aspects of post edits, and am nearly finished the federation logic!

Should be ready in the next day or two 😉

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"Corporate consumption of medical care keeps growing...'They are trying to run it like a business, but it's not a business,'" said one doctor.
Same for education, prisons, and any number of other services abandoned to the merciless maw of the market:

Practical definitions for art terms normally treated as mystical. 

Creativity: working with ideas in a medium, rather than solely in your head

Talent: the drive or desire to create, to work in a medium

Skill: practiced understanding of the principles of a medium

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TTRPG rambling 

Honestly, good GMs probably don't need to worry whether they're making a GMPC in their campaigns.

You're presenting a world, evolving a story and play experience for your players, if you're cognizant of that, then you're doing this to introduce a less reliable narrator, make things interesting or complicated, tweak the party dynamic, or whatever.

If it's in service of the game or world, your npc isn't gonna be a gmpc just coz you made a full sheet.

I got the meds rearranged, and suddenly I have energy again for like the first time in months. It's so weird.

And after on call week ends (tomorrow morning), I'll have free evenings again!

I'm excited!

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Last night on my #dnd5e game, I got to introduce this character I came up with from scratch! Meet Tessa! She's an #eladrin #paladin of #Milil, and is gonna be tagging along with the party to, effectively, amplify the PC's decisions, for this chapter.
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Throwback to my old vengeance paladin, Skala. She’s a firbolg/ice genasi hybrid who was abducted from her village as a child by a folkloric ice monster, and found miles away, cursed and half-frozen, with no memory of the event ❄️

#ttrpgart #dndcharacter #dnd #firbolg #johannamation #characterdesign

Creativity isn't as mystical as we're taught.

It's working with ideas in implementation rather than in your head.

Take any creative skill, and try figuring out in practice, you'll see what I mean.

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Oh, right, social media. That's a thing



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Moment of clarity recently about the terrible search experience these days

I searched for a specific method from a library. I didn't mention the library at all, just the method. All results were related to the library, but none to the method - so it clearly knew what I was searching for, but chose not to answer my question.

It finally clicked that if they show you what you want, you leave. But if they show closely-related stuff, you keep digging deeper, increasing engagement and ad viewership

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I realized last night that my whole concept of "I used to draw for fun" was wrong on a technicality.

I draw to explore visual ideas....and when I've drawn for fun, it's because I wanted to explore THOSE ideas, which are fun.

Not that drawing's not fun. But it doesn't work when I start with a blank mind going "let's draw for fun"

"Let's have some fun ideas...and draw to explore them" works SO much better.

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So, when we ultimately have some budget to put in to media funding, I'd like to commission some things.

I don't want to own them, I want them to be released CC-BY-SA, or less preferably, for them to remain All Rights Reserved but for NETV to be granted a perpetual nonexclusive right to broadcast/distribute them.

Short films, TV episodes, cartoons, talk shows, features.

Our ongoing budget won't be huge, but it will exist (and, with any luck, it will grow.)

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On Monday, I posted the rabbit brigands' designs on my Pixelfed, and the actual animatic on my Peertube, and then boosted them both from here, activity, except notifications of my boost actions.

Wondering if those posts were even visible to anyone besides me, maybe I have something misconfigured o.o

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