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@Luissen @prehensile my guess is that the difference is that in the game you don't have a boss you're forced to listen to, and if you quit the game you don't have to worry about starving to death. So you can experiment, mess up, try again, and learn -- which is pretty fun!

birdsite meta 

One thing that keeps me on Mastodon is that I can't reply to anything on Twitter.

I mean, I can, but I understand that everyone there is looking to simplify statements to one interpretation, then make a snap judgement on them and find a way to argue for/against them.

It's like unintentional strawman by habit.

Often I want to say something more balanced or bridging, especially in replies, and I will edit it a dozen times then realize it's not worth the hassle of clarifying if someone takes it badly.

That tends to not happen here, for the most part.

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Mastodon etymologically comes from a description of the animal's breast-shaped molars, so welcome to the Boob Tooth network I guess


*send boob toot*

"plan only what you need for the next session"

Just spent two hours reassembling a map to make it more generally useful on a VTT. >.>

You don't understand, I NEED it!

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Masto grumping 

I swear to god, I’m gonna turn off boosts for some folks. WAY too many people are boosting political crap without content warnings. I hated that on Bird Site, I hate it here. Please respect others energy for some harder topics. #noxp

Mastodon meta & CWs, boost proliferation 

Does turning off boosts from someone off-instance prevent them from appearing on the federated timeline? Someone I've followed has been boosting a bunch of un-CW'd uspol, and I'm trying to figure out if turning off boosts is enough, or if I need to unfollow.

That middle-eastern coyote sure is a particularly skilled asset.

Well yes, he's a jackal of trades.

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Politics and CWs 

I've seen a growing number of Very Online Leftists decrying the idea of putting CWs on politics. OK, I get it, you're mad that people might look away, but I disagree vehemently with you. The thing about CWs is that they're not preventing you from looking at a thing, they're just giving you enough time to gird your loins for what could be a very triggering subject. So, by all means, please DO put CWs on politics. I'll still click through, but it'll give me the ten seconds I need to say "Whew, OK, oh boy, here we go..."

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sideboob, ec 


Thermia, the wizard wolfess, for
She's a rather bookish and introspective character, so I sketched her that way during an artjam, and was happy enough with the sketch to take it through digital process.

#anthro #creativetoots #furry #furrywolf #wolf #book #sideboob #blep #tongue #eyecontact #sploot #female

I need a sleep-on-lan app. Something to put my computer back to sleep via my phone when it powers bak on full rgb Christmas tree just after I've gotten comfy in bed.

"Mastodon is easy" meme 

Mastodon is easy to understand you just-

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A lot of Mastodon instance admins are either getting their first hosting bill or getting a very increased bill from extreme growth and usage. Some may be experiencing bill shock.

Please make sure your paying/supporting them!

Twitter was free because you were the product. Mastodon doesn't work this way.

Many instances list a patreon or donation links on their about page.

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Buttercup the Papillon Bard/Sorcerer (College of Lore & Clockwork Soul). Their spellcasting focus is a hurdy-gurdy to fit their clockwork soul sorcerer side, though they’re more of a fan of speechcraft & bad jokes over song. They’re non-binary & thus use exclusively they/them pronouns. Plus they’re Ace, in stark contrast to the stereotypical Horny Bard stereotype. This doesn’t stop them from being flamboyant and fabulous though! #dungeonsanddragons

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I am always taken aback when someone dismisses fantasy as "escapism". What's wrong with escapism? What's wrong with longing for different worlds than this? Have you seen this world? Its brokenness and sharp thorns?

Did you not grow up desperately looking for your door elsewhere? Did you not immerse in beautiful worlds as sustenance, for moments of joy like wings?

For a time in my life I stretched out. Grimdark, New Weird, etc. But no more. Give me hopepunk and found family. Give me escape.

Just ADHD things 

I work very well in buffet mode. A large spread of work upon which I can work, with no particular pressure to get it all done. I can do a little bit of this, and some of that, and oh hey these things work well together, and eventually I start to assemble a cohesive whole out of it all.

This will drive anyone who needs me to start at the beginning and do things in order right up the wall. On the other hand, it's an inherently creative process, finding new connections and building as I go.

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Just ADHD things 

Prepping DnD sessions tonight, I see my ADHD operating at full potential, as well as noticing exactly how that would drive people up the wall, even though it's producing a better result.

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