I have a hard time explaining this to people. Even my therapist
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I don't know how I didn't see this in myself until now

image description:

High Functioning Anxiety

What You See vs
-> What They're Experiencing
Detail oriented
-> Overthinking
-> People pleasing
-> Inability to slow down
Super helpful
-> Trouble saying no
-> Fear of failure
Performs under pressure
-> Procrastination or overplanning
-> Poor boundaries


@Shirou14 @therichiewhite this rings too many bells for me. Thanks for sharing it. I'm not ready to dive deeper, but searching research papers only gave results for anxiety in children (or people) with high functioning autism. "High functioning anxiety" seems like a neologism, and that may explain why even your therapist has a hard time understanding your condition?


@steko @therichiewhite

I don't want to go too into it, but essentially because my anxiety forces me to keep up the facade, I seem well put together and in control. It is hard to break out of that facade, even in a therapeutic setting, to begin talking about all of the things that are happening behind it.

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