Pics of my cat napping on me, EC 

Sox decided to loaf on me while I was watching YouTube and then when I woke up from a nap and tried to move, he said "The hecc you will."

Anonymous cartoon someone at work drew 

Someone at work has been doodling on the note pads, and this one is just beautiful.

Guinea pig picture 

What a perfectly self-contained little capybara my mom's little old lady is.

Chewy is keeping me warm and snuggled and giving me the contented little squeaks my soul craves.

Hand painted gift, special day, hubbin affection, parent + 

My hubbin gave me this hand painted polar bear early for my birthday coming up on Monday. They're painted in our wedding colors, and I love them so much!

Hubbin also gave me a T rex towel and a controller for my laptop so we can play games together. 💜

My mom painted me a phoenix sushi plate too, and she and my husband put a lot of thought and effort and love into the things that they made for me, and I feel a lot of love from them.

Look how pretty my bear is! What a good bear!

Unusual animal, EC 

Today I learned about the aardwolf. Cousin of the hyena. It's an insectivorous hyena from Eastern and Southern Africa. It's, small, striped and really cute! It's name means "earth wolf," and it's also called maanhaar-jackal.

Handsome leafetail gecko 

I don't see these babs' faces too often because they're usually sticking to the glass rather than the wall.

Cute pic and weird pic of frog I work with 


They look really silly from underneath with their little toes all tucked in.

Office Dino Posting 

Kappy the Kaprosuchus got a new pen that matches his color scheme much better than the old blue one. 💜 Yay, Kappy!

Food (condiments at a snack bar), pic is for the table 

We found the perfect kobold coffee table at a tiny local theater my mom works at on Saturday nights.

Pet reptile setups 

Here's how my lizards are currently set up. Might add some fake grasses or other bushy plants later.

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Pet reptile setups 

Improving my setups for my lizards and turtle now that I live with them all and can afford nicer things for them. They got so e cool new hides that they really seem to like.

The rock hide in my turtle tank was one of a couple I bought last week to set them up with, but it was too wide for my schelto's tank, so I exchanged it for a log instead, and they popped up in it almost immediately. I bought them a nice cork bark tube to crawl through as well, and everybody has a few good rocks to rub off some itchy shed or wear down claws in turtle's case. They're more active and much happier with their stimulating new environments, and I'm really happy to see them living their best scaley lives.

Vent art if it can be called that, 40 second doodle, horrible humanoid thing 

This is Shambles

It's not his fault that he looks so scary

He wants to be hugged, but he can't be, because he is a ghost

Grey's tree monitor 

I think @chr will appreciate the tail on our Grey's tree monitor. This is a new exhibit, and I found her climbing around on some of her perching.

Slightly dusty office space, plastic toy animals 

Rearranged some small things on my desk to get access to an old radio and freshen up the space.

My visiting dino (currently the gastonia) will be temporary king of the radio. Daphne the dilophosaurus put her cat down to give some love to the giraffe rescued from my old boss' office. Promotion Panther found a new thing to explore.

Plastic toy dinosaurs, office space 

Gastonia dinosaur trying to be sneaky and steal my coffee, but he doesn't realize that it's empty yet. :dragnsad:

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