That feeling when you're stuck in an extremely long boring morning meeting and you end up idly writing a letter to a podcast during it.

This may seem extremely specific but I'm pretty sure some here will understand.

Harm/Comical Death Type discussion 

Blaming this on @BestGirlGrace !

How do myselves get in trouble/die in Wonka's Factory.

Rachel (Me): Probably end up accidentally falling into something because I am an utter disaster when it comes to coordination. I also suck at asking for help, so by the time I manage to call out for help it'd be too late. May or may not get a song, depends how much of me is left in the end.

Demon Dragon Pathia: Attempt to buy out the factory so often Wonka eventually arranges an accident involving strawberries. Definitely gets a song.

Fae Pathia: Offended by Wonka's existence, he strikes me as more of a winter fae and Pathia is summer. The factory is his domain however so she would clearly be outmatched. Something involving cotton candy probably, also definitely gets a song.

Dr Siorc: Falls into a taffy machine while trying to free the oompa loompas. Song.

Morrigan/Garnia: Some sort of bubble punishment because she feels compelled to install a supercharger on the bubble-car. Song.

Syzygy: Falls into a vat of mint-chocolate ice cream after eating too much of it. Song.

Rheoryn: Cursed to be a chocolate tree after trying to lead the oompa loompas to freedom. No song, because she is the one most likely to succeed of my cohort

On a less silly and lewd note.

Work's been absolutely ass this week. We have 9 people out of 30something out with covid right now. Initially our management tried to say it's not a big deal, but it's spread throughout the team and now they're kind of panicking.

Strawberry Squeeze Lewds 

Speaking of crotchtits.

"All Strawberry Squeeze shakes contain 100% ethically sourced milk."

Now you know how!

Art by a cutie over at @Draekos

Scantily Clad Shork 

Been awhile since I made a wholly new avatar in second life. Have a shark!

The outfit might look familiar for some of you ;)

Medical stuff 

So here I am about to travel and I'll be not only in pain, but probably have some sort of withdrawal while I'm at BLFC unless this gets unfucked somehow.

So apologies in advance for anyone at the con if this ends up being the case.


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Medical stuff 

I am sure you can see the math problem here. So I complain. They say, oh just get your doctor to order 90days supply. Then you will get 3weeks to refill. So I do. That's denied. Caremark won't let C5's do that. Then why the hell tell me to do it? (2/3)

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Medical stuff 

Got to love playing games with cvs caremark right before I go to a con. I take pregabalin (Lyrica) for my fibromyalgia. It is a C5 drug. You cannot refill a C5 drug more than 1week ahead of time. It takes 10-14days for mailorder drugs to arrive. (1/3)

kink talk 

Many discords have NSFW art broken down into categories. It is possible if I stored up an art backlog for a bit, I could be the most recent post in every single section.

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kink talk 

(This comment is due to some discourse in a discord chat XD)

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kink talk 

I've very rarely dropped a kink, I just collect more. They're my fucking pokemon

Naked dragon 

And if any of you can't figure out who Grandma is I'm gonna pout thricely.

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Naked dragon 

Felt like channeling a bit more of Grandma today!

Art is by

Snuggly Pooltoys! 

Sometimes It's just nice to cuddle <3

This is a piece I've wanted to get for a long time. @Kae_meows is probably the most influential Toy when it comes to me getting into Toy things. <3

Gay drgnmom 

Dergmom still very tired and gay. Art is by a cutie over at @Draekos

Gotta love a "Brown Bag Meeting". At fucking 7am.

My timing of deciding to actually post here more frequently turned out to be pretty good for once. I'm not actually used to that.


Eggy eggy egg egg . Kobbl a lil full tonight, sqk. Art is by a cutie @Draekos

Sonic-Style Wing-it for

Truly, the one thing that can bring the maids back in force: The chance to be TF'd into sonic characters.

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