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'Mechanized Dragonite' by ! Thank you so much!

'Unicorn Patashu' by
@Technojara / ! A lovely new look!

AND with that, the Primary Patashu Pics thread is up to parity! Everything here from now on will be NEW.

My first picture of Raindrop, my robot Sylveon adventurer, here saving a Minccino in a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Setting! Drawn by Roxxy - thank you so much!

Anthro Steampunk Dragon Patashu, stylized by! Thank you!

Updated Raltech Corp logo for Ralis, by @Skai ! Thank you! As well as logos for Elune Point and Cinderleaf. (Cinderleaf in next post)
'Beryl and Jake' by featuring ! This takes place in my Vermillion Pokemecha Frontier setting ( ), where you can make friends and explore the world with giant pokemon machines. Absolutely loving seeing it depicted, thank you!

Desmet the Ferrin Abjurer! Base adopted from , adventurer garb by . Thank you!

'Hera and Rook Macro Post-Apocalyptic Defenders' by
! Thank you!

'Patashu's Island of the Giant Pokemon Vacation', by ! Thank you!


@CurusKeel on a peary mecha dragon kaiju rampage through a cardboard city, with Patashu in tow, by ! Thank you!

Nu Mou!Patashu now has a name - Arcis! Here he is with a magistaff, here to help! Thank you !

Finally did some creative writing that's been long overdue! Swarm Game, presented by Patashu Industries, a gamified setting about smashing mechanical hordes and tiering up.

I had one of those 'dream so hard that your brain forces you to remember it forever' moments. So here's a I-just-woke-up-and-wrote-this design doc for Toy Wars!

Priscillica, robot Audino, receptionist for Patashu Industries! By , thank you!

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