Aww, Mastalab. Y u no update my profile picture?

It snowed some more last night! Looks like about 6". Some random townsperson was out earlier on an ATV with a plow attachment, clearing alley access to the main road. Just some dude.

I really like "village" life. (Quotes are because idk what technically counts for a village but this is a Very Small Town in the Middle of Nowhere)

This is as close as I've ever gotten to the mythical and vaunted cave with an internet connection 👍

Pan echoed

It's cold. Snowed a little last week, but it's gone now.

I need better socks.

Friend in Oregon is sending my PC soon! I'll have my tablet again, and all my other stuff.

My work schedule keeps changing. My KM got another job a couple of months ago, and new guy is unsuited to the role*. And is leaving on vacation tomorrow for ten days. So that'll be interesting.

So yeah, stuff. My life is so exciting. XD

*He will be, he's fully capable, just new to the role and busy with his family.

Ofc I suppose Twitter was there to bridge the gap, I just never felt interested. My acct attempts always languished. But I like the concept here. Going to poke around a bit and see what instances intrigue me.

Testing this new platform. It kind of almost feels like old LiveJournal. On my phone.

I think I dig it.

Dragon Style

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