people say "gender is a spectrum" but then they think of it like a point along a gradient, or like a HSL value in a color wheel

i would like to posit that if gender is, in fact, a spectrum, then individual genders are not single points or even contiguous blobs but rather are more like this

I really wish it was as easy for little indie websites to get eyeballs as it used to be. Back in my day you could join a banner exchange or a webring and get some hits to your webcomic or game or blog fairly easily - there really isn't a comparable ecosystem these days that isn't horribly expensive, a pain in the butt or both.

Google literally reduces your site ranking for exchanging links with other sites - and then suggests you use AdWords instead.

laughing at people who think that “what about disabled people” is a huge gotcha argument in favor of personal cars. do you know how much a personal car or van with accessibility features costs? do you honestly think disabled people are not already taking public transit, and would not greatly benefit from its expansion?

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she cut herself off from her parents for two years and lived only off of her factory wages

factory life was way worse than she thought and she was always short on food, but she noticed some key issues with common assumptions around what motivates workers to rebel

this is still the case, often the lowest paying jobs and the most oppressive conditions beat people down so much that it doesn't enter folks' political imagination to agitate for change

I'm not saying you should pirate AAA video games, but I am saying that every dollar you spend on a AAA video game would probably be better off going to an independent developer or artist.

this is classic neoliberalism. just funnel more and more money into an incompetent managerial class who allocate more money for themselves the more incompetent they get

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The EU has just adopted a set of guidelines to determine how repairable something is!

This is the first step towards mandating repairability score labels on new products, which is the first step towards a future where electronics last as long as they did in the past.

I've mentioned this before but I'll say it again: if you want some wholesome / nostalgic internet times, check out Wiby, the "Search Engine for the Classic Web". It's based on (moderated) user submissions of old school websites. Use #WibyFinds to post the good stuff you come across!!!

I just found Zack's Snake Page, which is actually just a giant image with hot zones you can click to go to other images??? bundle for racial justice and equality: lists of games that are accessible, have representation, etc. 

Capitalism's biggest flaw is that it concentrates wealth in the hands of people who are monumentally fucking stupid

"Juicero failed because they didn't properly target their demographic, didn't account for inconsistency in their supply chain, and ultimately delivered an idea that was premature" no they didn't you techbro fuckstick they failed because needing a massive, expensive, internet-connected machine and a subscription service to make juice is a fuckass stupid idea

Incrementalism is playing a finite game, focused on finding an asymptote of optimization that doesn't require an identity change. It chips away in hopes of unearthing a final ideal so that it can then stop.

Abolitionism is playing the infinite game, obsessed with seeing how far the changes can go and challenging established identities at every turn. It spins the flywheel until it achieves liftoff and then aims for the stars.

has someone made a web search engine thats generally philosophically like millionshort except it weights the sites inversely based on how much CSS and JS gets loaded for each page

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Yeah, in case anyone forgot, the admin of, Anna, is hella racist and just all around awful. What started as me calling attention to a racist message I got from one of her users, in which several ethnic slurs and a sentiment that this person was glad for the genocide of my ancestors were used, turned into months long backlash that eventually escaped the fedi and began to follow me around the internet and offline with threats to call ICE on my immigrant family. I never found out if Anna did this or her kiwiifarms friends did but it was a direct result of her villifying me. The last I saw of her, she was having a meltdown over barbaric savage Mexicans and how the scary brown people wanted to drink her blood and if you don't know why that's upsetting please read up on how the Catholic Church justified what they did to the indigenous of Mexico.

Don't fucking federate with and if you do, please let me know so we can defederate from you.

I'm getting increasingly frustrated at the primacy of twitter among the social media platforms, especially in sharing screenshots from it constantly as a source. Reading a bunch of pictures of a twitter thread is really inaccessible. Half of the time the screenshots aren't even cropped so you read the same thing over again and it cuts off mid sentence? A tweet's structural format does not require this much misplaced respect, just transcribe or paraphrase it into whichever medium you wish the share the info on. You can still credit the author.

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