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Lurking, For now

"If the fascist could be reasoned with, he wouldn’t exist in the first place. But, by word or endeavor, you will let him know that you see through his mask and you see his fear. His shivering, quaking, bowel-voiding fear. He shall be judged.

This Signal Kills Fascists. Repeat the Signal.”

You live in a small cozy apartment. Your neighbor to the left is a brain surgeon, the neighbor to your right is a fry cook.

Across the hall, the daycare center looks after the kids, it’s usually full of retirees, they get a lot of joy from the children.

You go to work. Your boss, yourself, and the janitor all make the same pay. You work to do a good job. This seems sensible.

After work, you take the train out of town, there are collectives there with fresh veggies and milk. You bring them some canning supplies, and hang out for a bit. You admire their agrarian lifestyle, but you love the city. You leave with a big bag of apples, you try to pay, but they won’t let you, money seems cheap. Next time you’ll bring your fiddle, you promise.

You miss the train, but there are plenty of busses. You get on one and find a seat. The person to your left is a plumber, the person to your right designs satellites, a singer stands, and begins to sing.

That seems right

I need to do that XR writeup asap, their press releases and the mainstream media are controlling the narrative as though everybody there just wants to get arrested and vote in a new government who will make the bad thing go away with non violence. I was there for a whole week, PoC were showing films of armed resistance all around the global south, people had workshops teaching about how capitalism is the cause of much of this, there was a stall all week long distributing socialist literature in trafalgar square.

there's a reason they're not reporting on this shit

Woop woop, it's the 3rd International Repair Day on Saturday October 19th!

Over 250 events around the world over the weekend, 6 continents covered...

#RepairDay #RightToRepair

If I travel to an invalid or nonexistent HTTP resource under your domain

And instead of giving me an error page you silently redirect to the front page

You have made a bad website

And are a bad web designer.

Capitalism: Communism would mean the death of ownership! Say goodbye to having any personal goods of your very own.

Also Capitalism: Sure, you have a right to what you own, but we never actually *sold* you a product, we merely provided a service/product on loan for which your payment has currently run out. *said about literally everything*

the only kinds of people trending makes sense for:

1. marketers

2. people who want to have a take on something and don't have any stake in or knowledge about it

Use of a dark mode should be one of the basic accessibility options, not something hidden behind a 'tweak tool'.

Oh, one thing to bring up right away: this includes biodegradable plastic.

Microplastics in soil harms drilosphere, evidence indicates:


Polyester clothing, disintegration, and friction cause small fragments of plastic to enter every part of our ecosystem, which may be contributing to an ongoing decline in fertility across the planet.

Additionally, this may be relevant to organic farming methods, which often use plastic for weed control.

Feel free to ask me more, this is one part of science I know something about.

@johnpierremaeli I'm not vegan but re: vegan/colonialism boost:

does veganism have to be reliant on colonialism? I feel like while it might require exposure to non-naative plants, there doesn't have to be a reliance on foreign agriculture.

Like, I eat pretty much locally sourced foodstuff, veggies, dairy, and eggs all, and I don't see that needing to change as I transition out more dairy and meat and eggs. But maybe I'm just misundertanding?

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For months, people in Rojava have called for international solidarity in the event of an invasion...

To keep silent is to be complicit.

We call on all people of good conscience to engage in protest... of government offices... and businesses connected with the Turkish government... The Rojava Solidarity Committee Europe has joined organizers in Rojava in calling for a day of action on October 12 against the Turkish invasion...

...Together, we can stop the invasion.

Want an easy, sure-fire way to engage in some mutual aid?


Good. Now go get vaccinated.

It doesn't matter if your bosses are the usual... corporate overlords... or if they're non-profit executive directors...

None of this has to do with how nice... your boss is as an individual. It's not about the player, it's about the game.

And the game is, no matter how... nice they are...

...The boss's job is:

1) to squeeze as much work out of you for as little pay as possible


2) to pay themselves as much as possible with the profits your work created.

Like very much a goal too is to be able to, when someone signs a lease ot a new apartment here, be able to give them some "starters" for stuff like houseplants or evven home-fermentation and yoghurt making.

I feel like houses have largely become what houses in MMOs were designed to be; a cash sink to motivate gaining more cash, and I'd like to explore what it'd be like to use a house as a place of production AND living

"who cares if i do this"
- apathetic
- passive
- powerless

"who's going to stop me"
- clarity of purpose
- success-oriented
- committed choice

Part of why we say "solidarity not charity" is because the way charity is typically presented gives moral superiority to the givers - and often, moral inferiority to the receivers (or sometimes "takers," if they decide to be particularly transparent about it)

Truisms like "it is better to give than to receive" implicitly contain "it is wrong to receive help." It's wrong to ask for the support you need, to want it, even to accept it when offered. Panhandling, for instance, is often portrayed not just as shameful, but immoral - even greedy

Solidarity, and especially mutual aid, are meant to reject that dichotomy. Everyone at Food Not Bombs eats together, volunteers and otherwise, and talks to each other. Our Free Store puts "it's free because it's yours" all over its reading material - it's not a gift, not a blessing, not charity. And that makes *such* a big difference