Per request: a few of the small cards from Lo Scarabeo's charming & rustic regional deck, the Tarocchi Piacentini.

Beautiful colorful pips in the charming style of Piacenza as influenced by the Milanese Della Rocca Soprafino.

OMG! Posting immediately...

Just received Italian tarot & Renaissance expert Andrea Vitali's BIG BOOK of Italian tarot history, esp. focused on Bologna.


Tons of historical documents, tarocchi appropriati, a novel numerical analysis of the Bolognese trump sequence and 110+ pages of color card images!

With a niiiice index. WHOA!

A vital 512-page reference work for those serious about tarot.

Advent series: 2nd Sunday 

2nd Advent Sunday approaching! (If you missed the spread, you'll find it in last Sunday's post. It's not too late to join in... Advent is for everyone!)

I love this layout, which harkens back to last week's theme of preparation. As you light your next candle, don't forget your little ritual of meditation, rosary or mala.

Taking the previous great question, around the road you have built for yourself & others, we look forward to that ribbon path in the 2 Coins.

The Cav as the current situation describes who you are, where our consciousness is, as we reach the crossroads in the 2 Batons & choose to walk the path we've made.

Walking the Way is the theme this week, and the 4 Central cards are key aspects of the Way for us now. Stepping forward we transform from the plodding Cav to Fool, one guided from the start by love.

So consider questions like: What are you abandoning as you step onto the Way? What needs to be jettisoned? What love is leading you onward? What is calling out to you? What impels you?

Make notes this week as to who or what you meet that seems significant, related to your cards. It may be blatant or subtle.

What learning lies in each of these events, what little moments of light appear? There's a teaching or lesson waiting at the end of the week, ready to meet you.

Do try to journal every day so at the end you'll be able to put it together, either in your writing or through an emotional realization after your meditation.

Finally, Star presages next week's theme: Hope. That's the path we've fashioned... hope.

Mary K Greer recently posted about the late great tarot artist/author Brian Williams (Santo Briano) & I caught the mood.

People ask me questions: On trumps & pips, with a side of Tomberg 

Today's question: "How do you relate the trumps to the small cards? Like, do all the 2s "belong to" or "flow from" the Papesse?"

I don't. Even so, there's no 1 way to do this, and it's doubtful you need to do it at all!

So my answer is never; there's no intrinsic relation between 2s & Papesse, etc.

I know this method above appears in many books now, but it's not an axiom. And those who do create meta-relationships all do it differently.

Lon Milo Duquette for example explains that Unkle Al thought the small cards "emanated from" or were "contained in" the respective ace of their suit, as a principle from QBL.

In contrast, GOM (& thus Tomberg) had a complex arrangement, as in the pic above:

"I allow myself to arrange the number of Arcana around the circle, closing the system with a border along which the first and eighteenth 'lanes' are in contact.

I take only 18 Arcana for the full major cycle, considering the last four Arcana additional, assigned only towards the minor.

I consider the
19th Arcanum only the development of the 1st or 10th in reduction (19=10 =1); while the 20th goes toward the development of the second (20=2), the 21st is then the development of the third (21=3) and the 22nd is the
development of the 4th. Figure 44 gives a diagram of my transitions."

He then goes on to assign higher numbers thru an Etteilla-like 1-78 card numbering & adding 10 to create meta-relationships between the trumps themselves & the minors.

Look at the relationship on the pic of 5=23. Add 10, so 15=33. And remember that in Etteilla's system, card 23 is Q Batons. Etc.

And others likewise have their own methods of so-called "theosophical reduction."

#Advent #tarot journey 2022 

Advent is & can be experienced by people of multiple outlooks: Wiccans, Neo-pagans, Christians, Witches, Christian Witches.... stores now even feature Buddhist & Yoga themed Advent calendars.

Whether you understand Advent as Waiting for the Christ child, for conscious compassion, for the Return of the Light, for the Goddess, for Persephone to begin her long slow journey from the underworld, for your Dragon egg to hatch, as a celebration of the Virgin Mary, the mysteries of motherdom, or for Yule.... it's a time of quiet reflection & simple everyone can practice.

All avenues are open this first Advent Sunday, which is a time of preparation for the journey. So questions might be: "How can I prepare? What could I realize through the process? Why practice at all?"

That today is also a Black Moon Lilith point in Cancer emphasizes the opportunity to examine where shame holds us back.

Think of 2 vessels: one stagnant, one with fresh water. Today is an opportunity to empty the stagnant place of shame & fill ourselves anew with living water.

Think of the initiatory power of water; wherever our shame lies can today be bathed in fresh water, illuminated by Advent's candlelight, lovingly embraced & so receive a healing, regenerative initiation.

Consider beginning with 10-minute compassion meditation aimed at yourself to start this day of preparation.

If you have a moonstone or a heart-shaped stone, try cupping it in your joined hands while you meditate.

A traditional rosary recitation may also invite a tranquil sense of gentle anticipation. Many like lilac, violet or lavender-colored candles for this time - others white or gold. I use pure beeswax myself.

After your meditation you might also ask: "How can I support others in their preparation? How can I practice and inject compassion into my daily interactions?" One year a wonderful client asked "What materials do I need to lay a road for myself & others?"

Please try this practice in the light of your first candle & enjoy your own layout (2nd pic). Welcome to the Advent journey!

"You must keep in mind, however, that the whole point of your long-term travel is making the time to move deliberately through the world."
~Ralf Potts

TL;DR: Great new book on tarot history in Bologna 

It's a good month for serious books on the history of tarot & esp. Italian tarot!

Not only do we have Berti's forthcoming book I mentioned yesterday, but we also have shipping this month from the Museo dei Tarocchi a wonderful English-language scholarly history of tarot in Bologna by Italian tarot & Renaissance culture expert Andrea Vitali.

Of course tarot was created first in Northern Italy in the early-to-mid 15th cent. as an aristocratic past-time. While there's lots of reliable historical information about tarot in Milan, Florence & Ferrara in English, there's been less info on the importance of Bologna.

And this despite the fact that the Bolognese retained the game of tarocchi long after it had largely died out in other regions. Finally a good history of Bolognese tarot, its traditions, documents, cardmakers & deck examples is coming to us in English!

Many beautiful antique Bolognese decks exist, esp. TdMs, since the city once had a thriving export-oriented card economy.

Italian tarot historian G. Berti announces his big new history of tarot should be available in English sometime in spring 2023!

Be sure to get this one on your radar. It's going to be a MUST.HAVE!

The charming 1567 Biniere playing cards from Rouen, once a major cardmaking center.

Shame both they & the case are in such a poor state of conservation, tho!

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