TL;DR: Great new book on tarot history in Bologna 

It's a good month for serious books on the history of tarot & esp. Italian tarot!

Not only do we have Berti's forthcoming book I mentioned yesterday, but we also have shipping this month from the Museo dei Tarocchi a wonderful English-language scholarly history of tarot in Bologna by Italian tarot & Renaissance culture expert Andrea Vitali.

Of course tarot was created first in Northern Italy in the early-to-mid 15th cent. as an aristocratic past-time. While there's lots of reliable historical information about tarot in Milan, Florence & Ferrara in English, there's been less info on the importance of Bologna.

And this despite the fact that the Bolognese retained the game of tarocchi long after it had largely died out in other regions. Finally a good history of Bolognese tarot, its traditions, documents, cardmakers & deck examples is coming to us in English!

Many beautiful antique Bolognese decks exist, esp. TdMs, since the city once had a thriving export-oriented card economy.

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