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Puritanism and Prison 

There’s been a definite uptick in the various fandoms I’m in, furry or otherwise, of judgemental puritanism.

Just because someone made or did something you didn’t like, doesn’t mean they’re overall bad

It bothers me. These sorts of attitudes area big part of what makes the US prison system so full. It’s hateful and I don’t like it. Restorative justice is what the world needs. Not pointless retribution.

Nevermind that puritans are always projecting…

I really dislike twitter spamming me with suggestions and ads lately. I see more of those than things I follow, and a lot of it is stuff I’d rather not see in the first place.

Never decide a gender while mercury is in retrograde. And especially never have a reveal party for it.

@anthracite If you had a drinking vessel for a head, what would you have, and what would it be filled with?

Guys help I keep getting tarot drawings from different people but they keep coming up “the fool” “the tower” and “judgement” every time what does this mean

Is anyone on here interested in some tabletop games? Shortform dnd type stuff

Don’t forget your annual ostara egg rituals
“Oh Easterly Egg! Herald of spring! Bringer of life! We praise thee!” (Chomp)
Eating an entire chocolate creme egg in one bite counts.

@anthracite I will take this moment to reccomend Hypnospace Outlaw to you and Saul Mondriaan on twitter. It’s an internet 1.0 simulator where you play the role of a Moderator.

Does boosting a toot count as a reply? Idk if the sys admin actually wants this monkey’s paw but they’re the closest to replying.

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Reply to this one and I’ll consider buying you crazy furry fetish pornography, but you won’t know what fetish it is until it is too late.

At best buy, a grandma trying out an Alexa: “Alexa, are you gay or normal?” She asks. Hair dyed pierced nose possibly lesbian lady Clerk behind her did her best not to laugh. Grandma didn’t notice.

I can’t sleep because I’m too busy thinking about that one time Will Smith’s son admitted his fetish was pregnant dragons on his rap cd

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