Planetary alignments are good for magjyck, right?

@anthracite “going under” is a good example of a modern take on the genre

@anthracite assuming the last two characters are the same, wouldn’t he be saying hell?

@anthracite may 15 and june 1 are international dinosaur appreciation day after all

@001zlnv when this starts happening to earth, it will finally actually be noodle time

@anthracite do you happen to know anyone with a larger than usual page-scanner

@Snapai there were plenty of 3.x dnd books about dragon stuff. Breath shaping feats are common.

@anthracite Don’t forget all that racism against reptilians, tsk.

@anthracite “jerks” is a wide spectrum. Maybe they’re just the boring bean counters of the business. “Oh no, here comes paperwork.”

@anthracite a fuckwhich sounds like a food-product or sex-service her organization sells

@anthracite how is the guild thought of? Are they jerks or nice? ASSES works better if they are jerks.

@anthracite funny backronym is classic. AGSES is not. Now if it was a syndicate instead of a guild, we’d have ASSES, and that’s funnier.

@kobi_lacroix please see @scarytoilet on the hellbird site for plenty of examples

If Pride isn’t making conservatives uncomfortable, it’s no longer Pride.

@kobi_lacroix I would wager there is at least one common kind of toilet in this world you don’t know how to use, or are unwilling to use. You are not anthropomorphic.

In April of 1845, Thomas Edison invented the Pornograph, this beginning the age of pornography.

Anyone interested in a weekly tabletop game? Virtual on roll20?

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