Reply to this one and I’ll consider buying you crazy furry fetish pornography, but you won’t know what fetish it is until it is too late.


Does boosting a toot count as a reply? Idk if the sys admin actually wants this monkey’s paw but they’re the closest to replying.


look into your heart and you will find an answer there :)

@anthracite it’s telling me “if you do it even as a an april fools you will get banned”


In my case I think the ban risk is really tightly linked to how well you have judged what weird shit I am hot for. :)

@anthracite and that’s what I’m saying, I don’t. I just made a numbered list of kinks and generated a random number for it for a random kink.

@anthracite it’s like an awful game show. Dare you spin the wheel of fetish?


I have loaded the front page of FA and lost that game enough times in my life :)

@anthracite no whammies no whammies (wheel lands on cakefarts) (sad trombones, audience aww’s dissapointedly)

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