The pretty gay furry game isn’t automatically perfect just because it’s a pretty gay furry game.

Pretty gay furry people can also be abusers, or enable abusers by platforming them.

Some bad reputations are earned.

People are quick on the block button these days.

It’s a shame how gentrified the furry fandom has become.

Drama, vagueposting 

It’s wierd watching someone flip out over drawings “being harmful” then seeing them actively associate with, and try to rehabilitate, some of the most hated, documented and publically known abusers online.

It makes you wonder if all their outrage is performative.

I remember an old furry webcomic about naked bee women. CGI, which is rare even to this day. They had a slighty muppety look. The bee ladies had finger stingers that made people orgasm.

It had a title like dreamwalker chronicles or journey into the dreamlands or something of that nature.

Does anyone here remember it?

Just be the richest man in the world
Watch your problems dissapear
You don’t need nobody else
Just let the gold wipe away your tears

There are many genres of manga and anime in the world.

“Cool boys having cool fights.” And “guy picks up a horny chick squad.” are neither evil nor the only type of anime in the world. Saying so is like saying “All cartoons are for children.”. You have confused genre and medium.

Those two are just the two most lucrative kinds. But there’s all sorts of other ones out there.

Manga is even more diverse and there’s stuff for every demographic.

Animation History. Check it out sometime!

If you’re a witch, get yourself a magickal cell phone.

You can use if for texting, sexting and hexting.

I think the world would be better off if twitter and facebook never existed in the first place.

I wish mastadon had a way to fix typos instead of just removing and reposting the message. But I also understand why they don’t.

Last night I dreamt @anthracite drew Tala the Alien Storykeeper, the librarian mascot who upsets TERFs, in cool sunglasses and a tshirt that said “They/Them causing May/Hem” as a sticker. The stickers were on their etsy shop but I lost my credit card and couldn’t buy them despite wanting them.

A blessed thing seen on the birdsite:

Someone hooked up a sega genesis to play video games on a crystal ball.

We stan our queen Wanda in this house, yaaas!

Fuck you, Thessaly!

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