A blessed thing seen on the birdsite:

Someone hooked up a sega genesis to play video games on a crystal ball.

We stan our queen Wanda in this house, yaaas!

Fuck you, Thessaly!

Planetary alignments are good for magjyck, right?

@anthracite do you happen to know anyone with a larger than usual page-scanner

If Pride isn’t making conservatives uncomfortable, it’s no longer Pride.

In April of 1845, Thomas Edison invented the Pornograph, this beginning the age of pornography.

Anyone interested in a weekly tabletop game? Virtual on roll20?

Whipping up angry crowds over vague potential threats is the conservative business model.

It’s always a shame when I see someone ostensibley leftist engaging in it.

If someone on the internet is trying to make you angry, or succeeds, be critical of them, their methods and their motives.

A little valentines quiz.

I take you back to my place. I put on romantoc music and something a bit more comfortable. I serve a small plate of decent wine and cheese. I sprinkle flower petals on the bed. I place a piece of chocolate in my mouth and beckon you closer. As you lean in, I tribute two monsters to synchro summon “dinowrestler giga spinosavate” to the field in attack position. Then, embracing and kissing, we fall onto the bed. What do you do next? ;) <3


Your magyckal website of the day.
I was not paid to post this.
I unironically love the aesthetic.
Please do not harass the site owner.

Recommend to me some good fancy chocolate companies. I want to eat expensive chocolate but not crap expensive chocolate.



Check out this chocolate company. Their products are overpriced and they go for an alternative medicine angle for some reason, but I think you’ll enjoy their magickal aesthetic on their product packaging.

Anyone looking for a monthly ttrpg player or gm? Or even a one off?

During the same dream I also had a sexy romp with the crow(b) reporter lady from fritz the cat. In an unrelated scene. At a BLM protest.

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