A dragon whispers at you quietly from the shadows. “Pssst. You lookin for the goods?”

“The... goods?” You ask nervously.

He looks around as if checking for witnesses, then steps out of the shadows and spreads his wings, revealing countless kobolds clinging to the undersides of his wings. He motions to them with his claws. “Yes, are they not good, each and every one?” He smiles like a parent about to gush about his children, and you wonder what you have gotten yourself into.

@Metaph "Woah," I reply, at once incredulous and... familiar? A smile stretches across my face and I reach forward with both arms to part my robes. Inside: Goblins. Hardly an expansive menagerie like the dragon's, but a good half dozen gobbos, each finding some new mischief in and with my belongings.

"What ARE the odds?"

@Metaph they're the bests! *spends like half an hour petting them all*

@Metaph now I'm imagining dragons trading kobolds between each other like pokemon cards

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Dragon Style

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