This is a fascinating article on the rise of the "showrunner" (combined head writer/series producer) and how recent changes in the TV industry have made for a bunch of "showrunners" who are SERIOUSLY lacking training in the producer half of the job.

Which, yeah, being scarred by John K's utter lack of Producer skills was no small part of why I gave up on animation.

I think it's also pointing towards one reason why so many companies in EVERY industry that could work from home during the pandemic are trying to pull back from "everyone works from home forever now"; sure, it may be easier to focus on your job when you're working at home, but it's harder to learn how to do your boss' job when they move on to something else and you stay, or when you go elsewhere for a horizontal promotion.

There's petty power bullshit reasons to want everyone back in the office too but a healthy company invests in training its workers, y'know?


WFH vs. office, OOC 


I agree. When I have my IC hat on and am only thinking about being an IC, WFH is unambiguously better than bothering with a commute.

However, when I am in a supervisory role, WFH blinds me to the qualities that allow me to nominate worthy successors to myself or *my* boss.

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