Looks like we’re going to start seeing a pushback against non-meat burgers - I guess they’re doing something right. theguardian.com/food/2019/nov/

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I'm going to design tiny robots to turn people into catgirls.

I'll call it Nyanotech.
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Artist pro tip: Do you need reference of a thing at an angle that your favorite search engine is just not delivering on? Try searching for "thingiverse whatever-you-want"; someone has probably made a model of the thing you want and put it on there - and there's a little 3d viewer right there in the browser that lets you rotate it to whatever angle.

It's not big enough to get all the details but it sure as fuck helps a ton for quick construction roughs.

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it's probably nothing, we're probably not living in the first act of a first contact story



So happy for a friend who’s realised what’s been missing in their life so far, and they’re busy fixing it. It’s so nice to see friends happy and excited.

Dragon Style

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