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The kinky turtle

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Yig-ped yig-ped yig-ped yig-ped yig-ped yig-ped yig-ped.

How Teleia Fox deals with white supremacists:
(CW: nudity)

Hydra girl! Five heads, six arms, and a snaky tail for legs. She's amphibious - a swamp-dweller, like her legendary ancestor - and covered in smooth skin, not reptilian scales. She has no teeth or claws either; she's just big and soft and likes to cuddle.

This took a while for what was meant to be more of a rough sketch, but here's Scylla in "goddess" form. Seven separate bodies - human-sized - joined via extensible "necks" to the shoulders of a single giant one. Unlike in her small version, Scylla has full conscious control and coordination of all seven heads and sixteen(!) arms. She needs to be in this shape to use the more powerful forms of magic she knows - the ones that earn her the "Monster Goddess" title.

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Gul Madred: "Now then, how many lights do you see?"

Picard: "Four lights." [he gets zapped] "Aaargh!!"

Gul Madred: "How can you be so blind? There are five lights. See? ...Uh-oh, wait... 1, 2, 3, 4... a-heh, whoops! One of 'em burned out. Uh, sorry about zapping you." [presses a button on the intercom] "Hello, maintenance?"

thought: lightsaber-toothed tiger

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Oh, so that's how you add descriptions to images! I'm uploading this image with a description as a test.

Sneak preview of a cartoon I'm going to upload elsewhere tomorrow.

🎵 It's the first of June
First of June
Outdoor fucking
Will happen soon

in Jurassic Park, frog DNA is used to fill in the gaps of genetically reconstructed dinos.

these dinosaurs show their froggy sides via reproduction, so we have no idea if things like jumping or tongues are modified, but they have yet to learn how to use them

conclusion: Jurassic Park is a prequel to Yoshi's Island

I hooked up the light switch to a sound sensor so my dog could turn the light on and off by barking.
Light imitates arf.

"I'm biromantic."

"So you're attracted to both--"

*summons a cloud of flying ballpoint pens* "THINK AGAIN"

Teleia is practicing yoga when suddenly she gets her foot stuck in her mouth. Ooops!

I require an ad blocker blocker blocker

This is stuck in my head! Maybe the more heads other than mine I can get it stuck in, the more easily it'll pop out of mine.