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The Scale of the Universe 2 still works, but the little images don't do their little animations anymore. And the background music still loops, but not seamlessly. There's a clunky gap now!

Now that Flash is dead, the Curta Calculator simulator doesn't work anymore!
(cries in lack of online toy version of cool math pepper mill thingy)

Hot take: My fursona has six limbs, wings, fur, and weird colors so technically I’m a moth.


I forgot to mention the fancy gold ink the address was written in. I wonder if that contributed to the problem, by making it harder for a machine to OCR it.

The G********i Letter

Chapter 4

Here it is Monday and it hasn't come back! I hope I've seen the last of it.

The G********i Letter, chapter 3 

The G********i Letter, chapter 2 (not so long this time) 

The G********i Letter, chapter 1 (long, lots of annoyingly obfuscated personal info) 

the thought "coffee is tea" entered my head unbidden and i had to make the whole alignment chart in order to banish it

Please boost if your account is safe for non-binary people. :nonbinary: :nb:


Ever been to a French café in the morning? Those places give me the crêpes.

hey. hey fediverse. let’s play a game.

give me a number from 1 to 1528 and i’ll give you a weird old slang term from that page of “A Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English” by Eric Partridge, published 1971, but first compiled much earlier.

boosts encouraged! i’m excited, this book is so entertaining.

Often, when someone new asks what I "do for a living" and I answer with "I'm a painter/illustrator" their first follow up question is "Do you make money?" as if they need to know that other people find my art valuable before they can form or offer their own opinion about my work. Find new language to engage w art, I beg you. No artist wants to talk about how hard and demeaning it is to convince others their time and effort is worth spending money on during end-stage capitalism.

Story about art students filking a Christmas song 

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