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You know how a few cartoons end with Bugs Bunny trouncing Yosemite Sam and then marching off playing "Yankee Doodle" on a flute?

I'd like to see a cartoon like that where the main character is an insect, and at the end, he marches off playing the "Get Stick Bugged LOL" music on a flute.

My pronouns are I/me/mine. No, that's my favorite George Harrison song. Actually no, it's pretty good, but I like some of his other songs a bit better. I think my favorite is "What Is Life?"

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My gender is, uh... *vaguely indicates self* ...whatever *this* is.

What do dragons call birthdays? 'Cause today is mine.

why phone ring

who think we in house want talk

we no want talk we want leave alone

officially declaring the first week in november TF Horny Week

I find I'm more tolerant of drama in music than in movies or TV shows.

A 6-minute epic blue number about how sad the songwriter is? I can get into that!
A war movie? Meh. A sad TV episode where all the characters lose everything and hate each other now? Uuugh.

Too and too are for
For and for are ate
Ate and ate are Sickstein
Sickstein and Sickstein are thirsty too

Too and too are for
For and for are ate
Ate and ate are Sickstein
Sickstein & Sickstein, Attorneys at Law

so my mum got a reflective coat, and then my sib found fullbody reflective dog coats too

so now we have glowy space dogs

Everyone agrees: enthusiastic! Good, that's what I've been doing.

It is an interesting experience to be at a concert where a lot of the attendees are wearing a shirt you drew.

I've been watching the movie "Luca" so many times that I think I'm turning into a sea monster. Should I be:

i am watching tom scott make a video and i'm imagining being in a video with him

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