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Hi! I'm KT, or the kinky turtle. I draw cartoons and try to learn to cook. And sometimes I say yig-ped, which doesn't mean anything.

I post my art at
and sometimes I put up silly videos at

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This fascinating timelapse of an orb-weaver spider building her web is even more remarkable considering she removes it before dawn each day and constructs a new one every night to avoid daytime predators.

Credit: dinaoren0/tiktok
Full Video:

“My god,” says the explosives specialist. “The bomb diffuser is a ridiculously difficult sudoku that must be solved in under 6 minutes!”

I slowly look up. My time has come…

Oh! Not anymore it's not. I'm at Goode Company Seafood for some mesquite-grilled salmon.

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Good news! They don't need us, we're dismissed, I am DONE.

Only problem now is, it's still a little too early to go to lunch.

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When the guy gives the spiel about "don't view this as an inconvenience, it's more of an honor" I silently think to myself "WHATEVER, PAL, IT IS ABSOLUTELY AN INCONVENIENCE."

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I hate jury duty. Did I mention I hate jury duty? Hey guess what I hate! Hint: it's jury duty.

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Wow. I've got jury duty, and entering the municipal courthouse now is EXACTLY like airport security. Take shoes off, put things in bins.

And I'm out of practice carrying those damn bins and the one with my shoes and cellphone fell on the floor! Fortunately no damage.

And the guy behind me wanted to help and he kept trying to grab my stuff without asking and I had to keep yelling NONONO I GOT THIS at him.

Sasquatch: *to tv camera* Tonight we will try a human call and hope for a response. *clears throat* 🎵Sweet Caroline🎵

From a distance: 🎵Bah bah bah🎵

Sasquatch: You heard that! It was a human!

Camera Sasquatch: I don't know. Could be a bird.

Good luck to all the students sitting their English paper today and who are having to contend with the unseen poem.

Why is it so damn hard to scroll around on a picture in this client (Tusky) when I'm zoomed in on it?

It's like they've coded it to simulate excessive physical friction between the picture and the edges of the screen. WHYYYY?

Instructions on how to boil eggs 

Speaking of which, I suppose I should *be* active here. Uh...
Well, I'm about to boil some eggs. My method:
1. Transfer the eggs straight from the fridge into boiling water.
2. Keep them there for 12--14 minuets, depending on how big they are.
3. Transfer them straight into ice water (which, of course, should be prepared in advance).
4. Easiest way to peel eggs is in a bowl of water. You just need to break the shell and the membrane and get water under them, and they come off easy as vinyl.

I just posted a message on Twitter saying that I'm now entirely active here, and my tweet immediately got a reply from an ethereum ad spammer bot. That's one of the many reasons why.

I love DaThings YTPs... except that right now I need to wait for Ellie to get tired of using that clip of a guy choking on his bubble tea.

Overuse of that clip marred the otherwise funny "Whether to Food".

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