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By request here's that full Mr Weatherbee story, _A Story From Space_, where he meets an alien robot genie. Reprinted in Little Archie Digest #31; no idea what its original publication or credits were. There's several choice panels here.

Also included, a Laffy Taffy advert because you'll see.

Hope @KinkyTurtle and more enjoy ...

Why does this _Little Archie_ comic book story where Principal Weatherbee encounters a robot genie from space and gets turned into an alien beauty-pageant winner and figures he has to go to the faculty meeting anyway read like it's someone's @KinkyTurtle fanfiction?

Anyway happy #TFTuesday everyone.

A comedy radio show hosted by a parrot, a myna and a lyrebird. The parrot does impressions of politicians and celebrities, the myna does impressions of famous singers, and the lyrebird does sound effects.

12-bar blues: Any song about being so sad you could eat twelve candy bars at once.

Just realized... Rachmaninoff's name goes against the usual convention of transliterating Cyrillic 'х' (ha) as 'kh' and 'ч' (cheh) as 'ch'.
And if you're thinking "oh, maybe it's really pronounced 'Ratchmaninoff'", nope, I checked, in Cyrillic his name is 'Рахманинов' with a ha.
I guess whoever first wrote about him in English thought "Rakhmaninoff" would look ugly, or maybe they were more used to writing about German composers or something. :}

Idea: a polydactyl cat who's a film critic, and his rating scale goes from four thumbs up to four thumbs down.

Let's start a rumor that the British spelling of "velociraptor" is "vaelociraptor" (or "vælociraptor")!

for sale
baby shoes
in bulk
my workshop is overrun with elves
they won't stop

Me am (me am)
Me am Superman
Me not know what’s happening
Me am (me am)
Me am Superman
And me can do nothing
#REM #Bizarro

shitpost, catpost, filk, stupid, apologies to James Ray and George Harrison 

Honestly, the Marvel Universe, I can take it or leave it.

Slowly rousing from a nap I self-induced by playing "Frozen Star" on loop. Now set it up to play "Orange Crush" next to get my blood pumping. Hoo boy this is gonna be some mood whiplash...

Every now and then a phrase pops into my sleeping, dreaming head that strikes me as so funny it wakes me up.
Just now: "I'll never play a gizzard."

I recorded my pie shrinking after I took it out of the oven, and then I looped it and it looks like it's breathing. I spent my precious life making this. Why?

..and five, five gold Rings were gifted to the Lords, who above all else desire leaping but they were, all of them, deceived, for another Ring was made.

In the Tree of Pear, the Partridge forged a master ring to control all others.

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