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Yig-ped yig-ped yig-ped yig-ped yig-ped yig-ped yig-ped.

Every so often i remember that Wendy Carlos has a birbsona and that makes me grin a bit

there's pros and cons to knowing what a claymore is 

@beep My friend texting me: hey u wanna defy physics later?


Got the results of my COVID test today.

Hmm. I wonder if my shortness of breath could have been caused by the strong moldy/mildewy smell I got a whiff of when I opened a cabinet a few days ago that I hadn't touched in a long time. Starting to suspect my shower floor leaks into the house foundation.

I have been out of breath after minor physical activity a lot lately, so today I went and got a COVID test. I should be getting the results in 3-5 days.

so this diagram explaining different kinds of public nudity got posted to a chat I am in and now this has lead to me sitting here thinking "what if Horny Variant Peganthyrus was being an art model" and I am remembering the ways models would act in the many figure drawing sessions I've attended over my life and just casually knocking out some little doodles with absolutely no reference that would make the me who was taking all those figure drawing sessions green with envy.

And I guess really the right sentiment is to say thank you to Past Me for investing all those hours in staring at naked people with utter dispassion, and thinking hard about how to draw them despite repeatedly messing it up. Thanks, Past Me.

oh no I'm bored, gi joe and steamed hams 

Beasgle Bros floppy disk sleeve.

You'll never see today's homogeneous tat coming with cool shit like this.

My phone's calculator app has a "DRG" button. I pressed it but didn't get a dragon.

Do you want to hear a *lot* about historical measurements, and how it all came about? ^_^

"Why are there 5280 feet in a mile?"

Judy: Why is your online portfolio nothing but paintings of water lilies?

Punch: You told me to monetize it

Penumbra came in for a visit and found a Prismacolor under the couch. It’s even one that still has ink! Good kitty.

A four-armed deertaur hanging out at the Glenrock Mall, addressing someone off-panel. Again, no one in particular, but I thought this'd be a fun character to draw.

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