dragon.style update process thread 

Hello stylish dragons! It's update time. I will be working on this throughout today, and we may have some downtime.

Things have started off promisingly, I got 3.4.6 running on my Mac without any visits to dependency hell. Seriously sometimes I have to spend an annoying amount of time just getting the same code that's on the server up and running on my machine.

dragon.style update process thread 

oh hello progress bar to install XCode command line tools on this new machine, thanks for starting at 23h like you always do, very helpful

(it is currently at 4min and dropping, before going up to 20min, but I sure wish Apple would amend all their installing-shit-from-the-internet progress bars to at least say "* probably much less, we're still getting everything set up" in those cases)

anyway time to play with the cat I guess

dragon.style update process thread 

Figure 1: Shemp.

Who looks larger in person, these photos make him look a bit kittenish but he is actually a fine young man of about three years!


dragon.style update process thread 



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