"An ongoing debate in the film series is whether the realm accessed by the Lament Configuration is intended to be the Christian version of Hell, or simply a generic dimension of endless pain and suffering."

just a regular one of those. y'know. normal dimension of endless pain and suffering

@monorail you can't just post things like this without context

@Felthry it is a series i know very little about except that there's a puzzle box you can solve to open a portal to a dimension of endless pain and suffering

@Felthry @monorail

The "puzzlebox", in the Hellraiser series, is a golden rubic's cube looking thing that conforms to other-worldly geometry, and can be unlocked to determined hands, which opens a portal to a BDSM-ish hell where the tortured and tormented are treated as their own puzzles of flesh. The demons of this realm are called Cenobites, and they interpret the opening of the puzzlebox as being summoned to take the unlocker back with them. Most folks are obviously not thrilled with that idea, but in the concept of the filmology, many very much do think that they want it...

@JulieSqveakaroo @Felthry @monorail how do you get multiple stories out of that, anyway? that's the puzzling thing, for me.


@heatherhorns @Felthry @monorail

The first film was based on the book, following Frank's deviant exploits which culminate in him seeking out and finding the box, ending up being dragged to said hell.

The second movie involves Frank escaping and returning, and the box being used in an experimentation facility on a savant girl who seems to be able to solve it in multiple methods.

The third is more hell-on-earth where the film just became a slasher flick.

The fourth involves the box being buried in a foundation concrete and psychicaly becoming part of the building architecture...

They honestly ran out of material... it should have stopped at 2, but horror movies don't tend to do that.

@JulieSqveakaroo @Felthry @monorail woah though. four sounds like a wild place to take it, that's interesting

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