Do you have gender?

It's ok. Many of us either do or did at one time. It's a somewhat common thing, really.

Did you know that you do not need to keep your current gender if it's not working well for you?

You can have more gender... less gender... no gender... all the...

... well, no, you can't have all the gender. I mean, save some gender for others that may want some...

Point is, you get to choose how much and what type(s) of gender you want, and you get to choose how you want to express it.

Yes! You do!! Yes, you!!!

@JulieSqveakaroo All well and good, but Please find a way to do this for biological sex too


Regretfully, body swapping technology is a slow tech tree... but it is far superior than it was just a few decades ago!

@JulieSqveakaroo how much faster would it have been if not for medical gatekeeping, patriarchy / transphobia, capitalism not wanting to do anything long term anything, patents and copyright, resources that could have gone to research going to war instead, an education system designed to crush curiosity and exploration to make obedient workers, widespread poverty in case a few people managed to avoid being crushed by their childhood, countless genocides erasing knowledge of various cultures, ...

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